The Happiest Monster

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Publicado el 15 nov. 2006

My first year film at Calarts, the story of a lucky girl who chances upon a visit by a monster and experiences the change of her life! Flying through the everlasting sky, euphoria awaits everyone who embarks on this journey with the happiest monster!


With music by the very talented Mr. Andrew Toups. Visit his livejournal and spam it at: !!!

Alternatively, you can visit my website and spam me:

Spread the word! Digg this video and let's bring happiness (monsters) to the world, everyone!

EDIT Feb 2007:
The Happiest Monster is #1 in Arts/Animation! I wonder how these videos are selected to these various categories. :/

EDIT Feb 16, 07:
Now it's also included in the Mobile category! Does that mean people are watching this video on cellphones? Technology is amazing. :o


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