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Publicado el 31 ago. 2007

The Poème électronique was an unique experience, originating from the request made by Philips to Le Corbusier to design the company pavilion at the Brussels 1958 World Fair.
The whole project was initiated and directed by Le Corbusier, who also selected the images for the audiovisual show. Together with this visual show, there was the organized sound, composed by Edgar Varèse. The stunning surfaces of the building were designed by Iannis Xenakis.

The result was the very first multimedia project to create a complete sound and vision experience using a totally immersive environment. Unfortunately, this visionary synthesis was ahead of its time: the Pavilion, the incredible number of visitors (2 million) notwithstanding, was demolished a few months after its inauguration, at the end of the Exposition.

The Virtual Electronic Poem (VEP) project, co-funded by the European Union through the Culture 2000 programme, realized a virtual reality (VR) environment capable of reproducing the global experience of the Poème électronique through a philologically accurate reconstruction of the original installation and a technologically
innovative VR implementation.

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