Most Racist Australian Commercial

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Publicado el 14 nov. 2007

John Singleton is whale-safe beer(Blue Tongue beer) campaigner. He urges a boycott on Lion Nathan beers despite Australian beer company, because a large shareholder in the company is Japanese brewer Kirin. The feud between Singleton and Lion Nathan has escalated with claim of racism over the adman's controversial this campaign. Kirin insists it has no connection to whaling and that his campaign is racist.

About this video:
Asian actors are not Japanese. Music is a part of Japanese National Anthem. This beer company supports the Sea Shepherd.

Japanese citizens - take care in Australia
This beer advertisement demonstrates that the Australian authorities need to tone down their emotional anti-whaling rhetoric, and be very very careful to monitor the situation and not themselves contribute towards incitement of racially based violence on Australian soil. In light of this distasteful campaign, were I Japanese I would be extremely careful about myself if I were in Australia over the coming summer, whether that be at the pub or down on the beach. The combination of alcohol and the hysteria in Australia surrounding the whaling issue makes me extremely fearful of the possibility of racially motivated violence being born out of this situation.

It was only last year that Sydney experienced major riots related to racial tension.

オーストラリアの「Blue Tongue」醸造所の所有者ジョン・シングルトンは、シー・シェパード号の船長ポール・ワトソンに対し、25万オーストラリア・ドル(約2300万円)と、「クジラを安全にするビール」が売れた場合、1ケースにつき1ドルを提供することを約束した。ワトソンは日本の捕鯨撲滅運動を行っており、資金はワトソンとシー・シェパード号に対する支援となる。



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