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Guardian Newspaper Contributor - "Russia will not be duped over Syria"





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Published on Jun 3, 2012

Russia's warning that the UN Human Rights resolution condemning the Syrian leadership for last week's Houla massacre risks derailing the peace plan. Moscow called it premature because the investigation is ongoing - and that it's putting pressure on the Security Council, where Russia is resisting foreign military action. On Sunday, President Assad insisted his troops had nothing to do with the slaughter of more than a hundred people in the city. He blamed armed rebel gangs for the attack, and outside forces for instigating the conflict to trigger intervention. Washington, which backs the Syrian opposition and the push for regime change, admits there are plans for military action. RT talks to politics journalist Neil Clark, who's a contributor to Britain's Guardian newspaper. Follow me @taotst on twitter.


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    The not-so-apparent link between Syria and Iran + more!!

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    Chris Bambery Speaks on the Iranian nuclear problem

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    Israeli ambassador to the U.S claims the "window is closing in on the Iranian regime"

  7. 7

    Kofi Annan resigns as the UN peace envoy to Syria

  8. 8

    President Hugo Chavez develops drones with Iran's help

  9. 9

    Hillary Clinton: "Russia and China Will Pay The Price".... (Possible build-up To WW3)

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    What the Russians supplied to Syria: The Pantsir-S1 anti-air missile

  11. 11

    Cameron mishears and Syria's Russian-built air defense systems work effectively

  12. 12

    China talks on the Iranian nuclear issue

  13. 13

    Russia sending Naval Ship with Military troops to Syria

  14. 14

    LAPD brutality victim Rodney King found dead in the U.S of A

  15. 15

    US Pentagon and Russia both refute Hillary Clinton's "Helicopters from Russia" claim!!

  16. 16

    Syrian ambassador to Russia: "Syria is now under attack from the Worlds largest powers"!!

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    Hillary Clinton - "There are attack helicopters on the way from Russia to Syria"

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    US politician Dennis Kucinich talks about US hypocrisy towards Iran

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    NATO kill 18 Afghan civilians prompting immediate suicide attacks in response

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    Hillary Clinton: "Assad must transfer power and depart Syria" (7th June 2012)

  21. Guardian Newspaper Contributor - "Russia will not be duped over Syria"

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    George Zimmerman returned to jail after bail is revoked

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    Hillary Clinton: "The Syrians will only listen to the Russians" (31/5/12)

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    "Dude, Where are my rolling papers?" - Drug and Marijuana Documentary (2012)

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    British woman caught smuggling cocaine - Potential death penalty

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    Tony Blair called a war criminal by protester whilst giving evidence to 'Leveson Inquiry'

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    NATO airstrike kills 8 members of the same family in Afghanistan (6 children)

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    U.S Rocket Launch Failure

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    US citizens beaten in Chicago Anti-NATO march by cops - Viewers discretion is advised!!

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    Man sets himself alight outside Anders Behring Breivik court trial

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    Just A Small Taste Of Real History (Documentary 2012)

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    Pakistan Test-Fire Nuke-Capable Ballistic Missile (Shaheen-1A)

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    George Zimmerman out on bail!!

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    "The EDL Are Sick" - David Cameron (UK Prime Minister During London Riots)

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    U.S military build-up around Iran

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    Russia warns of pre-emptive strike!!!

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    London Olympics 2012 - Missile Defense!!

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    President Obama at the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner

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    Jimmy Kimmel at the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner

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    Armed seige in central London

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    World War 3 - Are we on the brink??? Can it be averted???

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    Whitney Houston, Iran's 11,000 rockets & George W. Bush warns of World War 3

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    Two Men Arrested in Tulsa, Oklahoma after Shooting Spree of black people

  44. 44

    Black people targeted in Tulsa, Oklahoma as killer goes on a shooting spree

  45. 45

    Greek pensioner kills himself outside Greek parliament over austerity measures

  46. 46

    US marines begin to arrive in Australia for eventual conflict with China...

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    Anti-war campaigner George Galloway VS the Labour Party 2012

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    UK police officer racially abuses man whilst telling him not to hide behind his colour!!

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    President Barack Obama speaks on Trayvon Martin Incident

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    Russia says a 'military strike' on Iran will be unacceptable!!

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    French Terror Suspect Is Shot Dead As He Leaps Out Of Window

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    US police crush dissent at Occupy Wall Street - 6 month anniversary

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    A spate of terror attacks in France this past week

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    The US threatens India with sanctions for continuing to buy Iranian oil

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    US Predator Drone strikes kill 80 innocent civilians in Yemen

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    American soldier goes on a deadly rampage in Afghanistan and kills at least 16 people

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    French troops captured In Syria after surrendering!!!

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    The return of the upstart Russians - A new 'Cold' War

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    Russia Is Ready To Use Military Power To Defend Iran And Syria: Fmr Russian Joint Chiefs of Staff

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    Iran supreme leader Ali Khamenei: "...A Response That Will Make Them Collapse From Within!!"

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    Leo Muhammed Afrotropical Interview (Full)

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    Iran - Prince of Persia 3

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    George Galloway: Attacking Iran will be BIGGEST mistake in ALL history!

  64. 64

    Russia and China criticise US Human Rights record

  65. 65

    President Hugo Chavez speaks on Obama - "You are a shame to black people"

  66. 66

    Obama asks for drone back Song

  67. 67

    Terror attack in the city of Liege, Belgium - 13th December 2011

  68. 68

    Iran has US spy drone. What exactly does this mean?

  69. 69

    Iran electronically hacks and brings down US spy Drone from 40,000 feet (RQ170 Drone)

  70. 70

    US War Plane Forced Down In Iran

  71. 71

    Anders Behring Breivik originally being declared Insane

  72. 72

    Iranian Protesters Storm British Embassy

  73. 73

    Breaking news: Bush & Blair FOUND GUILTY of War Crimes

  74. 74

    Man Charged With Obama "Assassination Attempt"

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    Occupy Wall Street - Police brutality (graphic) 2 Month Anniversary

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    Interview: U.S. Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas who stood up for the people in New York (Oprah Network)

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    The Russians tell the Americans not to attack Iran

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    Pursuit Of Happiness And The People Of Earth

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    2pac talks on LA riots - RARE

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    "Occupy Wall Street" - Police officer knocks out innocent HIV-Positive man with long hair cold!!!

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    1 US Marine defends the people of NY against 30 NYPD Cops at "Occupy Wall Street"

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    Gaddafi - The Man With The Golden Gun/Tomorrow never dies Music Video

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    Opening our eyes.......

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    Lowkey FT. Mai Khalil - Dear England With Complete Lyrics

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    Raw footage: Colonel Gaddafi dead

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    Social ills and the UK riots

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    Lowkey, Black the Ripper and M1 from Dead Prez - OBAMA NATION PART 2 (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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    CRAZY 2001 - 2012 compilation

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    New World Order September 11th 1991-2001-2011?

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    Opportunist Thugs And Criminals In Orpington, Kent, UK Looting "Game" Video Game Store during riots

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    The road to Norway - How muslims are viewed, Libya, Obama, Nobel Peace prize and vampire connection

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    Tottenham, London, UK in flames as protesters riot over Mark Duggan police killing

  94. 94

    Abandoned 'False Flag' Police cars set on fire in UK riots

  95. 95

    31 U.S soldiers Killed In Copter Crash In Afghanistan - Worst loss of life for U.S in the war

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    40 U.S soldiers killed caught on tape - Afghan footage

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    7/7 - A strange occurrence (7/7 London Bombings Documentary)

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    Tupac Shakur US/UK foreign policy documentary

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    Grind Time Now Owner, Drect, Victim Of Racism In Houston,Texas

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