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Tears and Sorrow Part Two





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Uploaded on Feb 20, 2009

here is the second part to my first poem video.
***NOTE**** i am now emovampireprincess production
i picked a title for the untitled poem in my first video. it will be shown at the end of this video. NOTE! song is kiss the rain by yiruma

Because You Have It

Because you have it
They want it
You have happiness
They have sadness
You have love
They have hate
They want it
They want it so bad they are willing to hurt you
The one thing that makes you the happiest
They take it away
Its gone
Life as you know it has ended and will never come back

They Say Things They Dont Mean

They say they love you
They dont
They say we are doing whats best for you
Their not
They say you will get over it
Their wrong

Your Light Is Burning Out

Your light is at its highest peek
Nothing could burn it out
But a wind slowly blows it out
Blows it inch by inch
Till all you have is your own little dark world

There is Always Someone
There is always someone to love
There is always someone to hate
There is always someone you care for
There is always someone you want to kill
There is always someone that turns your sky blue
There is always someone that turns your sky black
There is always someone that makes your life worth living
There is always someone that makes your life feel like nothing

Never Ending Sadness

There is sadness were there is meant to be happiness
Sadness that never goes away
Not even when you sleep
The sadness grows by the hour
The sadness eats at you until you feel nothing
You can feel no pain
You have no idea what happiness is
Life slips day by day
Until there is nothing

Its Always You

Its always you who does something wrong
You tell them things to let them know
They tell you they want to know
But it turns out thats not all they want
They want this and that
You ask yourself: why do I even try?
Why do I even try to do something right but it turns out wrong?
Will they ever see what I see through my eyes?
What I hear?
To know the words they say hurts
Hurts like a million daggers striking through the already broken heart
It always you
Its never them

Taken Away

Nothing but sadness is all you feel
Nothing but loneliness and a broken soul
You feel nothing day by day
But you find that one person
The one person you love the most
The darkness and emptiness you once felt is lifting away
Nothing but the most happiness
But a storm cloud comes and blows
Separating the joy in your life
Your life once again becomes a bleak shadow of hope
Your clear skies go gray
You feel nothing
You se no one
Life becomes a black hole in which there is no hope of escape from the never ending pain


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