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Disappeared An R5 Love Story Episode 17





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Published on Jul 18, 2012

(Where we left off)
Casey: Ok I'm like scared now. Can we please get off this subject?
Rydel: Sure. Let's hear what you and Riker were doing in there.
Casey & Riker: *get really red* Uh Ummmm......
Rocky: You didn't go far did you bro? *smirks*
Riker: Shut up Rocky!
Rocky: It's not my fault you're still a virgin. It's because you're too scared!
Riker: Rocky shut up!
Nicole: Yeah same goes for you Casey. You're so scared of mom finding out and kicking you out.
Casey: Nicole!
Nicole: Casey you know I did it when I was only fourteen. You're eighteen turning nineteen in two weeks, and you haven't even tried.
Casey: *snaps after that* Ok you know what? If you guys wouldn't have came back when you did Riker and I may have, but you came back and ruined both of our chances so it's your fault! *runs to Rikers' room*
Riker: You've done it.... *goes after her*
Rydel: *laughs* you so did that just to either tick her off, or make her tell us what they were doing.
Nicole: My answer to that is both.
Tamina: Dude she's not going to leave Riker tonight now.....
Rydel: If you guys want you can stay over.
Tamina: Really?
Ross: Yeah we have an extra room with two beds.
Tamina: What about Casey?
Rocky: You really think she will leave Riker's room tonight?
Tamina: No.
Ross: there's your answer.
Ryland: Where's Ratliff?
Ratliff: *on the couch upside down talking on the phone*
Nicole: Talking to Kara I bet.
Ross: *grabs Tamina's hand and pulls her in his room*
Tamina: Whoa what was that about?
Ross: 1. I wanted to get away from them, and 2. Do you want to watch a movie?
Tamina: Um sure.
Ross:*puts in a scary movie then sits on his bed* you sitting down? *laughs a little*
Tamina: *nervous but goes to sit next to him*
Ross: *puts his arm around her*
(A little into the movie)
Tamina: *curled up in Ross's chest scared*
Ross: Shh it's just a movie. Plus I'm here so you'll be ok.
Tamina: *picks her head up and smiles at him*
Ross: *smiles back*
Tamina: *looking into his eyes* has anyone ever told you that you have gorgeous eyes?
Ross: The truth? No.
Tamina: I love them. They're the perfect shade of brown for you.
Ross: *leans in slowly and kisses her*
Tamina: *Kisses back*
Rocky:*opens the door* Gross! *slams it shut*
Ross & Tamina: *start laughing really hard*
Tamina: *lays her head on Ross's chest*
Ross: Tamina?
Tamina: Hm?
Ross: I love you.
Tamina: I-I love you too Ross. *wraps her arms around him and falls asleep*

(With everyone else)
Rydel: Why did you yell gross?
Rocky: Ross and Tammy were kissing!
Rydel: Awwww my little brother had his real first kiss finally!
Rocky: Really? *sits on the couch next to Nicole*
Nicole: *looks at Rocky* So?
Rocky: *kisses her then pulls away*
Nicole: what was that about?
Rocky: Well everyone else is doing it so I decided I will too. *kisses her again then gets on top of her*
Ryland & Ratliff: Dude! Not with us in here! *walks to the kitchen with Rydel*

Well what did you think? Next one is by Vrededromer1 Sub to her and read her other stories they are amazing!


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