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NUNS Generations - Survival 2-9 - Powerful Past Foes





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Published on May 3, 2012

You can likely tell that we're nearing the end of the Part I coverage in Survival, as this is now going over the Part I villains.
Battle 1 - Haku, with Kimimaro and Gaara (Part I)
Battle 2 - Zabuza, with Kisame and Haku
Battle 3 - Gaara (Part I), with Kimimaro and Lee (Part I)
Battle 4 - Kankuro (Part I), with Orochimaru and Gaara (Part I)
Battle 5 - Temari (Part I), with Gaara (Part I) and Neji (Part I)
Battle 6 - Kimimaro, with Sakon and Ukon and Jirobo
Battle 7 - Kabuto, with Tayuya and Kidomaru
Battle 8 - Orochimaru, with Kimimaro and Kabuto

At this point, I realize there are a few villains I have yet to explain, namely because they tended to appear in other people's chapters where I had a more important character to explain or a plot summary took precedence. Also, while you may have figured out much of what Gaara and his team did as he got his own chapter, I never really did explain aout Kankuro or Temari, did I?

By the time Kankuro was born, Sasori had already left the Hidden Sand Village, leaving his earlier puppets behind. Kankuro came across them and learned how to use them, liking them so much that he developed very much the same techniques as Sasori, with his own spin on it. (You can see how he parallels Sasori's Secret Red Moves with his own Secret Black Moves.) By the time we see him in the series, he's mastered Ant, Crow, and Salamander. (Salamander's that huge thing Kankuro rides on while Awakened. Ant and Crow are humanoid in appearance. Crow is the one you see him use in battle in this game, with Ant reserved for jutsus.) In Part II, he's fitted each with additional weaponry, and further along, had appropriated Sasori's original body to use in battle, which he calls Scorpion. (Sasori means "scorpion" in Japanese.)

As Gaara's older brother, Kankuro is unhesitantly loyal to him. Whatever Gaara's moral alignment is at, that's also Kankuro's alignment. This is not to say he is blind like that, but that Kankuro wants Gaara to succeed and get respect. Now that he has, Kankuro fights on behalf of the Sand Village in general. Kankuro's got a unique dress and face paint in this series: The clothes are similar to those used by special effects people in kabuki and noh theater (which later evolved in the public consciousness into that iconic ninja getup, thus making Kankuro the only ninja here who actually dresses like a ninja). Kankuro is voiced by Michael Lindsay. He voiced Kisuke Urahara in Bleach until 2009, Joe Kido and Gotsumon in Digimon, Skid-Z in Transformers (2001), and a sub for Brad Swaile playing Amuro Ray in Mobile Suit Gundam.

Temari, so far, doesn't have a backstory--all we know of her is based on the present. She defeated Tenten in the next-to-last round of the Chunin Exams and won against Shikamaru afterwards (though via surrender), thus starting a relationship Shikamaru wants no part of. Temari came to Shikamaru's aid on Naruto's first attempt to bring Sasuke back by killing Tayuya, who had depleted Shikamaru's chakra. The two were then assigned to help out with the Chun Exams 2 years later. After that, you know the story: She helps Naruto and the others get Gaara back and escorts Gaara tot he Five Kages Summit.

Temari has the power of gusts of wind. She infuses her giant fan with chakra to toss out whirlwinds. She also has a summon named Kamatari (no relation to Katamari Damacy), a kamaitachi (sickle-weasel), who's so fast that he can kill before anyone notices him. Incidentally, according to the databooks, Temari is slightly stronger than Naruto, with a total of 24.5 in her stats, whereas Naruto has a total of 24.

Temari is voiced by Tara Platt, whom you may have heard as Tron Bonne in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Incidentally, she is also Wonder Woman in Mortal Kombat vs. DC. She is a regular on Attack of the Show!, Hero Lass in Shelf Life, Elizabeth in Persona, Eva Heinemann in Monster, Cynthia in Blue Dragon, and Tokiko Tsumura in Buso Renkin.

I haven't yet explained Kimimaro and Kabuto...but they'll both be in the following challenge, so I'll save them for that one.

I am using Jugo, with Killer Bee and Ino (Part II). Kugo would like to remind you that he's sick of eating small fries.


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