[Arthaus 100192] FONTEYN, Margot: Portrait (A)

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Publicado em 8 de abr de 2008

Arthaus DVD Trailer: FONTEYN, Margot: A Portrait
(Arthaus 100192)
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A Portrait, Produced and Directed by Patricia Foy. With Frederick Ashton, Ida Bromley, Robert Gottlieb, Nicola Kathak, Audrey King, Robert Helpmann, Rudolf Nureyev, Ninette de Valois.

The name Margot Fonteyn (1919-1991) was a decisive force in British ballet for over forty years. She was one of the truly great dancers of the twentieth century long before the wonderful partnership with Rudolf Nureyev, which did not begin until the autumn of her career. All those fortunate enough to have seen her dancing will never forget the experience.

Until 1989 Margot Fonteyn simply refused to take part in TV documentaries about her. But eventually the producer Patricia Foy managed to convince her to tell us her life story in front of the cameras. An exceptional portrait, recorded two years before she died, this is the only existing personal account on film that she ever gave of her life and career. Ninette de Valois, Frederick Ashton, Robert Helpman and Rudolf Nureyev - the four most important people by her side - also contribute their own reminiscences to this truly fascinating life story. Numerous recordings of the prima ballerina dancing also allow us to experience her once more in some of her great roles.

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