First and Hope

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Publicado em 21 de nov de 2006

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1st & Hope is a unique view of skateboarding through the lens of the Malloy Brothers (Thicker Than Water, Out Cold, A Brokedown Melody) as they capture world famous skaters Kenny Anderson and Brian Lotti "roll" through the urban landscape of downtown Los Angeles.

Kenny and Brian's afternoon journey begins with no schedule no urgency and no particular route, just the hope to make it from 1st Street to the Staples Center before the sun sets. On this sunny September afternoon, Kenny and Brian weave their way through Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Skid Row, Flower District, Garment District and Financial District. Throughout their journey they are joined by some of the most influential skateboarders of yesterday and today, together they tell a story which reveals the spontaneity and artistic flow of skateboarding.

This vibrant visual steam of skateboarding imagery is enhanced by the dynamic sounds of Beck. The '1st & Hope' soundtrack includes tracks from his new album 'The Information' plus some of the classics.

Although 1st & Hope is a skateboarding film, it appeals to anyone who embraces the moment and enjoys the unexpected turns in life. A sure fire hit with skateboarders and music fans alike!

Track list:
Go It Alone
Rental Car
I've Seen The Land Beyond
Black Tambourine
Diamond Bollocks
Hollow Log
Emergency Exit
Terremotto Tempo (Earthquake Weather) Remix by Mario C.
Que Onda Guero
Electric Music and The Summer People
Thunder Peel
The New Pollution Remix by Mario C. & Mickey P.
Broken Drum Remix by Boards of Canada
End Of The Day


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