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Streamed live on Jan 2, 2016

Proxy Multiply Review - Free proxy server list with Proxy Multiply

Proxies are essential if you are working with SEO or Internet marketing. If you are renting proxies, you usually pay $1-2 for each proxy, so if you need 50-100 proxies, it gets expensive pretty fast.
Instead of buying proxies, you can take advantage of thousands of anonymous elite proxies that are available for free download by scraping the Internet - all you need is a proxy scraper like Proxy Multiply.

One of the biggest issues with free proxies is that you can´t predict how long they would be available, and, therefore, you need to be able to harvest proxies from different sources and use a proxy checker to find out if they are actually working.

What is Proxy Multiply?

Proxy Multiply is a proxy harvester/scraper that is scraping the Internet for proxies 24/7. It is simple to setup and use, and once you have it up and running, it would test the proxies against the cafeterias you have decided. You can sort by the following criterias:

General settings like:

Anonymous only
Elite - Google friendly

Specific for different applications like:

GSA Search Engine Ranker
Ultimate Niche Finder
No-Hands SEO

Website Specific websites like:

Proxies for all websites
YouTube enabled
Twitter enabled
Ticket Master Enabled

You can also sort by speed like

Fast: 1 sec only
Medium: 3 sec or better
Slow: 7 sec or better

Or you can make your own custom settings

There are several additional settings like:

Port filtering - accept all ports or scrape for specific ports only
Testing and delete dead proxies
Country/City - so you harvest for a particular country or city
Country filtering - if you want to exclude specific countries
Testing for HTTP or SOCKS proxies
You can also add your own custom URLs for fetching new proxies


You can set up automation rules that would perform a task using an interval you decides.
You can E-mail a list in a custom format, save to a file, make an FTP upload or even run a custom script.


Proxy Multiply has two add-ons I both highly recommend:
Search Booster: With this add-on you will get even more results because Proxy Multiply will be able
To search on tree different search engines for more proxy sources. That means that every time the software is finding
A new proxy, it would be adding an average of 50+ new websites to crawl. In other words - the software would always have unlimited
Recourses to crawl. You are able to add those URL's to your leech list.

Proxy Booster:

You have probably already browsed a lot of forums that is offering free proxy lists. The main problem is that the majority of all those proxies are
Dead often within hours after they are posted. Proxy Multiply is able to remove those dead URL's, so you can avoid scraping the same dead resources over and over.

Questions and Answers:
Q: How many working proxies can I expect to get?
A: It depends on your requirements to the quality of the proxies. I primary use only elite proxies and would usually have a running list of 100 - 200 proxies

Q: Does Proxy Multiply offer a trial?
A: Yes! In fact, you can test it for 7 days http://www.helpmymarketing.com/proxys...

Q: Is there any recurring fees involved?
A: No, you get a lifetime license

Q: How many computers can I install the software on?
A: You can install the software on 2 different computers

Q: Does the software works on a Windows VPS?
A: Absolutely - I have mine running 24/7

Q: Does it work with Scrapebox and GSA?
A: Oh yes!

Q: Can I use it with Gscraper?
A: Yes, I do that myself - Gscraper can import a custom proxy list on autopilot, so you never run out of fresh working proxies

Q: Is the software easy to operate?
A: Yes, it is simple to use - just do your settings like searching for Google passed proxies, etc. Then the software would harvest, filter and test proxies completely on auto pilot

Q: Which version of Proxy Multiply do you recommend?
A: I would aim for the Proxy Multiply Plus - You save 20% on the add-ons and trust me you need

Q: How is the support?
A: Great – I never had any issues

Click the link below and buy or try Proxy Multiple today


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