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Austin and Ally Love Story S.1 Ep.12





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Published on Jul 23, 2012

Ally:*pulls away and slaps him*Why did you kiss me!
Mason:You kissed me first!
Ally*Turn to look at Austin but his gone*I kissed you because I thought you were someone eles!
Ally:Someone who I know will NEVER break my heart!*leave to find Austin* where can he be *finaly sees him*Austin*Runs to him*
Mason:*Ignors her*
Ally:*Cuts him off*Why or you ignoring me?
Austin:Because I love you Ally!No I LOVED you!
Ally:Austin Let me exlain!
Austin:No im done leasening to you niw you leason! I was and Idiot for falling for a person like you!
Ally:Austin STOP!
Austin:I don't care your not worth it your not worth anything!I can't beleve your dad still alive because i know why your mom died she was SICK of you! Your the most self-centered person I have ever meet!
Ally:*Crying*Ok call me self-centered but good luck finding another songwrighter and another place to practice you song centered ego rock wanna be!
Austin:*realizez he went to far* Ally-
Ally:No! Now you leason!Im done too Have nice life Austin Moon!*Run home crying*
~At ally's house~
Ally:*Runs in crying and hugs Trish*
Trish:Whats Happend!Did he get hit by a bus?
Ally:*Stops crying* I wish!
Trish:Than What happend than i thought yoou were in love?
Ally:(Tells her what happend)
Trish:He diden't let you explain!
Ally:Where you even leasoning!
*They here a doorbell*
Trish:*cheacks the window*It Austin!
Ally:I don't wanna see him!
Trish:Ok*Opens th door*What do you want!
Austin:I need to talk to Ally!
Trish:Wel she doesen't want to talks to you!
Austin:Trish Please move!
Trish:No!*about to close the door*Oh and you just lost your manager!*Slaps the door in his face*
Ally:Thanks Trish!
Trish:*Hugs her*No problem*
Austin:Dude what do i do!
Dez:About what!
Austin:you know about what!She hasen't gone to work for a whole week!
Dez:Dude you really messed up!
Austin:I know!
Dez:If your going to be like that Im out*Leaves*
Auston:Great now all my friends hate me!
~with Ally~
Trish:Ally you need to get out of bed!
Ally's Dad:*walks in*How she doing?
AD:Allycat you need to get out of bed!
AD:Please im going to chacagio for a convention for a weeke and I need you to watch the store.
Ally:*Stands up*
AD/Trish:Ad a Girl!
Ally:*Runs to her dad*Take me with you!
AD:You know i would if i could but you need to watch the store now i need to go or the plain will leave me*Leave*
Ally:Fine ill get ready!
~5mins later at Sonic boom~
Ally:*Helping a coustermer*Thank You for shopping At sonic boom heres your change.
Raven/Debby:*Walk in*Hey TR-ALLY!*RUN TO HUG HER*
Raven:What happend to you we missed you!
Debby:Ya we always came looking for you but your dad said you were sick.
Ally:I wasen't sick (explains what happens)
Debby:I can't belive it!
Ally:Can you guy watch the store I wanna go up to the practice room and cheack it out.
~in the practice room~
Ally:*Slams the door slids on the floor and crys* Why can't i forget about him why does this place remind me of Austin!*Sits in the pianio and cleans the dust off*(reamembers when her and austin sang double take)*Crys even more*I cant take it any more!*Takes het phone out and calls Her dad*
AD:Hey Allycat
Ally:Dad i can't take it i quiet
Ally:I can find some one eles to watch the store but i need a new job!
AD:If thats how you feel it ok with me.*Hangs up*
Ally:*Plays the pianio*Everybody needs inspieration,everybody need a song,Beautyful melodey,When the nights so long,
Austin:*Runs in sonic boom*Is Ally here!
Austin:*Hears her singing*
Ally:cause there is no guarantee,That this life is easy Yeah,When My wold is falling apart That when I, I, I look at you When the waves are flooding the shore and I Cant find my way home anymore!Thats when I,I,I Look at you When I look at you I see Forgiveness,
Austin:Ally!Ally! Come Down
Ally:*stops singing and goes downstairs*What part of don't let him in don;t you understand!
Trish:*Pushes him out*
Ally:Thank you!Anyway guys i quite can you guys watch the store untill my dad gets back?
Ally:This place reminds me to much of Austin.
Ray/Deb/Trish:Were in.
Ally:Thanks guys now i have too look for a job wish me luck
Ally:*Smilles and leaves*

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