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mb love story ep.2 *starring you* Rumors with assumers





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Published on May 20, 2012

I am going to do a marathon to this story
Trey: Hey Bro,-quietly but you can still hear him- Stay away from her, Molly said she's a right tramp.
Great-_- Now Raquan is gunna hate me. I know I didn't stand a chance but now my chances are even smaller. Trey walked off and Raquan followed him.
Why does Molly hate me this bad, I mean a few months ago we were stalking Trey and Raquan on Facebook and telling eachother every little thing. She new about my life at home; yeah my house is amazing but if only my family where. My dad beats my mum and my twin sister(katie) is abused by her boyfriend and its always me who has to pick up the pieces. Everytime my mum has the courage to tell my dad to leave he would always slither his way in with sorrys and gifts. And Molly witnessed some of this aswell, and now look at us, she is laughing in my face smudging it in that she don't have to stalk Trey's Facebook anymore cause she can go see him anytime she likes. Ergh!!!
I decided just to go home, what's the point of being at school if noone likes me, and the one I adore the most has been turned against me. Raquan was never mean to me, but he wasn't kind either, he just didn't get involved. If he'd see some people bullying me he'd just walk the opposite direction, I guess he is just too kind to be mean but he don't want to get bullied either.

When I got home noone was in I guess Katie had actually gone to school for once and my parents probaly at work. If they even have a job :L. I just walked up to my bedroom and laid down on my bed. Why is my life so bad?Why am I the girl everyone hates?Why am I so ugly?Why am I billy-no-mates? Why,just why?!
I heard the front door slam shut. I got up and walked to the banister to see Katie crying.
Yn: hey Kates what's wrong?
Katie: Kofi dumped me, he said I was too boring and there's a someone else who is prettier then me. -cries-
my sister is quite popular, she said I could hang with her but her friends said that I would ruin there cool.
Yn: aww kates.. Don't worry there's plenty more fish in the sea and he weren't the best boyfriend..
Katie: I know..uh..Where's mum and dad?
Yn: -shrugs-
katie: okaay -walks into her room crying slightly-
I logged on to facebook and Raquans face was all over my news feed, he had statuses like 'Why you be dating her?' And 'Asking all them questions!!!'
I smiled whilst reading them, I fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up to find katie in my room going through my wardrobe -_-
Yn: Katie..get out!
Katie: no! Your clothes are better then mine. And now I'm single I gotta dress to impress.
Yn: who is it?
Katie: Let's just say on facebook last night Jacob was all flirting with me saying he was glad that me and Kofi were over..
Yn: aww..
Katie; -phone goes off- aww its Jacob saying ' I know Kofi didn't make you happy, I hope I have the chance to make you happy someday *love heart* xx'
Yn; Reply! Reply!
I know I won't get the boy I like but I want her to be happy.
Katie; i have.. I put 'that's so sweet, I know you'll suceed with that cause you got me smiling' ohh he replied saying' Yes!! Wanna meet at the park after school, my cuz has to come with me though. He has just moved from Philly (wonder who that could be?) *love heart*xx
Yn: say yes say yes!
Katie: Wanna come with us?
Yn: don't mind..
Katie: Princeton thinks your cool, but he is scared that he'll get bullied if he says it.
Yn: oh, then yes I will..


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