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Norman Palm - Boys Don't Cry

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Pubblicato il 7 lug 2008
Video by Malte Rettberg

«What do Leni Riefenstahls 1938 movie «Olympia» and contemporary advertisment have in common? The image of a cold, perfect and masculine man. 

While singer-songwriter Norman Palm gently weeps «Boys Don't Cry» in his acoustic cover version of The Cure's 1979 pop hit, video artist Malte Rettberg cuts together a surprising mash-up of Leni Riefenstahls propagandistic sports movie and selections of today's TV advertisment. The imagery goes hand-in-hand. The popular image of the alpha male seems to have changed little since the days of the old Greeks. 

After his video for Norman's version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun compiling home-made footage of suburbian teenage girls lip synching  Cindy Lauper's original, Malte Rettberg now completes the pair of Norman's 2007 cover single "Boys and Girls". 

Matching the songs both videos work as cover versions, dealing with common gender clishes. They are meant to work together, contrasting the many opposites of girl and boy life, fun and tears, in colour and monochromes. 

Both videos were recently displayed in an exhibition at AKI Art Academy in Enschede, Netherlands.

Boys Don't Cry will be featured on Norman's first album/art book coming out this fall and therefore is the first video of the new album.»

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