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Regret. Jemi One Shot. Part One .

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Uploaded on Jul 15, 2010

still on my break...this just came onto my mind. not my best. hope you like(x
"Joe, stop!" Demi giggled as I put her fragile body over my shoulders, her arms pounding on my back.

"Not until you admit it. Admit that I'm the most handsome guy on
the planet" I said calmly, a smirk on my face, knowing I was the
happiest guy in the world with the most beautiful girl right by my

"Never!" Demi laughed . "That title belongs to Chace Crawford!"
Her laugh was so contagious. Everytime she laughed, a smile
always seemed to creep onto my face.She was perfect . She
always understood me, &she was just.... THE girl. The girl I'd want
to spend the rest of my life with...

"Joe? Joe! Wake up. We're going to be late!"

"Whaa?" I groaned, putting my maroon silk pillow over my face,
trying to block out all sounds. Nick just ruined the best dream I've
had in a while. After the, well, split, I couldn't stop thinking about
her. I ended it because I thought our friendship was more
important. Look how  things turned out now...
Nick pushed the pillow out of the way with one quick swipe.
"Come on, bro. We have to go on set. " Nick then quickly began tossing clothes on my bed. "Okay, okay . Just give me 5 minutes..."

----------------at the set.

We were at the set of JONAS . I just wanted this day to be gone. Our set was right next to Sonny, & I couldn't risk seeing her again. It would bring back too many memories...not to mention some tears. It was one thing I will always regret.Everyday, I tried living without her, thinking about the good things in my friends, family. But everytime, it would always bring back to her. Her smile, her contagious laugh, her angellic voice, her lean precious body,
her flawless face, that smile... No, snap out of it Joe. You can't be thinking about her. Plus, Chelsea has a thing for you. She's pretty right? But...she just wasn't Demi .

"Hey Joey!" I heard Chelsea say, in her high-pitched voice.
"Hey Chels," I replied glumly,sitting in my "directors" chair. I was in no mood to shoot a scene right now.
"Whats wrong?" Chelsea asked, concerned written all over her face. She glided right by my chair, sitting in the one next to it. Her golden brown eyes were transfixed on me, with worry glimmering in them.
"Nothing," I seemed to spit out, in a meaner tone than I expected. I was just so overwhelmed, how could I handle this when we were both going to tour together? Me&Demi .
"It's Demi, isn't it?" She replied rather sad. I could see her eyes, drooping down, now focused on the tile floor.
I turned my head towards her. "I'm sorry, Chels. Its just that...I really think she's the one . Everytime I'm around her, my palms turn sweaty, my heart literally skips a beat, I can't think straight. With her, I feel...I feel like its just meant to be. "
"Now I see why she hated holding your hands," she joked half-heartedly. She then turned towards me, both of our eyes digging drills into each other. "But, I don't think you should say that to me. You should say it to her. I mean, I think she deserves an explanation, am I right? You two were meant to be, Joe . You're happiest with her. Me&You...were just not . So, go. Go get your
girl." She said seriously . She twitched a small smile. I stood out
of my chair &hugged her. "Thanks, Chelsea. I knew I could count
on you," I whispered in her ear. I then ran off, jogging next door...
"Good luck!" she hollered at me. Luck was all I had right now, & I
needed a ton of it .

"All characters on set!" The intercom spoke through the rigid speaker. "Great, so I'm going to have a crowd..." I murmered to myself, while running. My eyes darted everywhere, trying to find the pale skinned brunette. Eyes soon followed me, wondering why I was here in the first place. I'm sure they didn't like me after the break-up...

part 2:
honestly, i think the 2ndpart is the best part...this one kinda sucks(x

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