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    Heartbroken Santorum Condemns Gay Marriage For Two-Timing Jerks Like Nick

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    GOP Introduces New "Mystery Candidate" With Paper Bag Over Head

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    Did Media Treat Bachmann Unfairly Because She's An Insane Woman

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    Grover Norquist: 'I Engaged In A Week-Long Drug-Fueled Orgy With Corporate Income Taxes'

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    President's Approval Rating Soars After Punching Wall Street Banker in Face

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    Obama Begs U.S. Not To Embarrass Him In Front Of French (Season 1: Ep 8 on IFC)

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    GOP Supports Obama For 2012: 'We Need More Time To Completely Ruin His Life'

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    Social Security Reform Bill Encourages Americans To Live Faster, Die Younger

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    Tensions Mount After North Korea Destroys All Of Asia

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    Newsroom : Congress Announces Plan To Hide Nation's Porn From Future Generations

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    Man Attempts To Assassinate Obama, 'But Not Because He's Black Or Anything'

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    Obama Caught Lip-Syncing Speech

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    Biden Criticized For Appearing In Hennessy Ads

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    Obama's Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner

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    Obama To Enter Diplomatic Talks With Raging Wildfire

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    U.S. Condemned For Pre-Emptive Use Of Hillary Clinton Against Pakistan

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    White House Reveals Obama Is Bipolar, Has Entered Depressive Phase

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    U.S. Government Stages Fake Coup To Wipe Out National Debt

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    [Private Video]

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    Congressman Demands To Know Who Left Fish Sandwich To Rot On House Floor

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    Obama Scales Back Goals For America After Visiting Denny's

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    Congress Debates Elaborate Dance For Obama's Inauguration

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    Obama Win Causes Obsessed Backers To See How Empty Lives Are

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    Obama Runs Constructive Criticism Ad On McCain

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    McCains Economic Plan: 'Everyone Marry A Beer Heiress'

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    Economists Warn Anti-Bush Product Market Close To Collapse

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    Congress Struggles To Come Up With Cool Name For Drug Law

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    Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 08 Election

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    White House Announces 'Everything Great In Iraf'

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    More Candidates Court Fat Vote

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    Romney's Super Tuesday Polls Surge After He Begins Flaunting His Wealth