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To Catch a Predator - Funny Moments





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Uploaded on May 9, 2011

The comments are on approval only. The only comments I won't approve are pedophile comments, such as:

1. Trying to say this show is entrapment or they only had "intent"

2. Chis Hansen hate comments. Because who would hate him anyway? Well, I'm guessing a pedophile would hate him quite a bit.

3. Comments saying the age of consent is lower in other countries.

Hate to break it to you people, but laws are made by people and people are imperfect. Just because it's legal elsewhere does NOT automatically make it right. Did you know in it's illegal for girls to wear pants in Swaziland because pants are considered male clothing and they don't want females to be seen as equal to males?

Does that sound right? It's a different law than what's in America, right? So, that automatically makes it right, right? That's the logic for saying age of consent is lower in other places so they're automatically right, isn't it? See what you have to accept if you go by the idiotic "These people over here said it's right so it's right!" philosophy. So, I'm not allowing anymore of these comments.

I'll also not be allowing anything that even remotely sounds like a serious pedophile comment that isn't covered in the first things I said.

Comments about the police using excessive force I'll allow because that's not necessarily defending pedophiles.

Oh, and I know they're not technically pedophiles, but hebephiles, but everyone says pedophile so saying hebephile would just confuse people so I just say pedophile so everyone knows what I'm talking about.

Oh and to anyone who wants to complain that I'm stopping "freedom of speech":

You don't have freedom of speech on this video. This video isn't a democracy. It's an autocracy. I have complete power. So deal with it. Please send me more hate comments. I like knowing I'm making you people mad. :)

Besides, if you're not a disgusting pedophile/ hebephile there's no problem is there? Yeah, ever since I put my description saying what kind of comments I wouldn't allow, the pedos have stopped trying to argue it's entrapment/ intent as much and started saying I'm stopping freedom of speech lol. One guy got so mad writing his "you're stopping freedom of speech you communist!" comment I think he was shaking with rage during it. xD

If you want to post a comment about pedophiles that fight these urges and how they need help not hate, then that's fine. I just don't want any people trying to specifically defend pedophiles by saying any of the other things I mentioned.

When they call the guy with the cookie generic white male they're not being racist. That was his chat name when he was talking online to the decoy. So, it would be "generic_white_male" instead.

I made a longer version with more scenes because I can upload videos longer than fifteen minutes now. I put the link in an annotation in the video but I'll post it here too.

The song at the beginning of the video is "Little Girls" by Oingo Boingo

You can download it here:


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