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Caleb John's Easy, Sexy, Six-pack Abdominal Workout: Using an Exercise Ball





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Uploaded on Jan 2, 2010

This video introduces an easy and effective ab workout routine, especially for people with a naturally lean body that have difficulty building defined muscles. Not everyone has bodybuilder type bodies. Most Koreans and Asians have naturally lean body types.

Caleb John provides an easy guide to getting six-pack abs using an exercise ball (a.k.a balance ball, body ball, stability ball and Swiss ball). His ab routine includes a series of exercises that consists of basic crunches, side crunches, trunk rotations and ab rolls on the ball.

Its very easy and simple even for beginners. Yet if you do it regularly, youll find yourself with a ripped and sculpted physique on your lean body. Get started and experience the transformation of your body into nicely toned six pack abs like the bodies of Caleb John or Rain in the movie Ninja Assassin.

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☞ Caleb John Fan Site:
☞ Music by : Marijan Katic (a.k.a. inconnector, evoLverR)
Interested in his music? Then, visit:
☞ For personal training or modeling with Caleb John, email him at [] (Seattle/Tacoma area)
☞ Have any questions about the video? Email us at []

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