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Game Fails: Halo Reach "Eagar to be roadkill"





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Published on Jul 5, 2012

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Submitted by: RoyMoore

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    Game Fails: Skyrim "You fool! If you'd have stayed in Narnia you could have been King!"

  2. 1676

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Glitch!... Please..."

  3. 1677

    Game Fails: Dead Space 2 "Ok... now there are a bunch of them... good job"

  4. 1678

    Game Fails: Saints Row 3 "He is really excited about that golf cart"

  5. 1679

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Speed bumps are getting really aggressive"

  6. 1680

    Game Fails: Spider Man 3 "Need a lift?"

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    Game Fails: Just Cause 2 "From the jaws of survival"

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    Game Fails: Blacklight Retribution "Best part - the spite at the end"

  9. 1683

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "All forked up"

  10. 1684

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Careful where you wait..."

  11. 1685

    Game Fails: Crysis 2 "Bannana in your tailpipe?"

  12. 1686

    Game Fails: Battlefield 3 "His xbox was more committed to the kill than he was"

  13. 1687

    Game Fails: GTA IV "A powerful spray"

  14. 1688

    Game Fails: FEAR "Bobble bobble bobble"

  15. 1689

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Forgot your dangly bits"

  16. 1690

    Game Fails: Best 5 fails of June 2012

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    Game Fails: Battlefield 3 "Move over bouncing betty..."

  18. 1692

    Game Fails: Halo 3 "The man you want riding shotgun"

  19. 1693

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Built by the lowest bidder..."

  20. 1694

    Game Fails: Modern Warfare 3 "Backfired"

  21. Game Fails: Halo Reach "Eagar to be roadkill"

  22. 1696

    Game Fails: Fallout New Vegas "Dang radiation..."

  23. 1697

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Brain... brain... brain... crap"

  24. 1698

    Game Fails: Halo 3 "Pop goes the vehicle"

  25. 1699

    Game Fails: ARMA II "Maybe the 24th bullet will work..."

  26. 1700

    Game Fails: Modern Warfare 3 "In a single bound"

  27. 1701

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Last train leaving for failsville"

  28. 1702

    GameFails: Dead Island "I'll eat your brains... with Dance!"

  29. 1703

    Game Fails: Skyrim "I told you two to quit it!"

  30. 1704

    Game Fails: Left 4 Dead 2 "Zombies AND Ghosts? Thats just silly..."

  31. 1705

    Game Fails: Halo Anniversary "I... I... think you're getting violated by an NPC"

  32. 1706

    Game Fails: Halo 3 "Synchronicity"

  33. 1707

    Game Fails: Warhammer40000 "Kicking #$% from beyond the grave"

  34. 1708

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Shoot shoot splat"

  35. 1709

    Game Fails: GTA IV "Why you should never wear loose clothing while being robbed"

  36. 1710

    Game Fails: NBA 2K12 "He seemed pretty shocked too"

  37. 1711

    Game Fails: Battlefield 3 "Rode it all the way to the scene of the crash"

  38. 1712

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Got a haircut from that one..."

  39. 1713

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Guess she got tired of the driving jokes"

  40. 1714

    Game Fails: Halo 3 " Two birds... {Accidental Win}"

  41. 1715

    Game Fails: Diablo III "Dance Dance Deckard Cain"

  42. 1716

    Game Fails: Day Z "Dan could handle the zombies... but the loss of his tractor was the last straw"

  43. 1717

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Lets just all pretend that never happened"

  44. 1718

    Game Fails: GTA IV "So now you know where the invisible man keeps his tazer..."

  45. 1719

    Game Fails: Skyrim "Horse Riding - Ok... now you're just showing off"

  46. 1720

    Game Fails: Skyrim "Horse Riding... you're doing it right"

  47. 1721

    Game Fails: Max Payne 3 "Gravity doesn't respect slow motion"

  48. 1722

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get off the ghost"

  49. 1723

    Game Fails: MLB 11 The Show "Just keep your ball on the eye"

  50. 1724

    Game Fails: Modern Warfare 3 "Uh.... yeah..... that was on purpose"

  51. 1725

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Up the down staircase"

  52. 1726

    Game Fails: Team Fortress 2 "Thanks... it's much easier to shoot you from here"

  53. 1727

    Game Fails: Max Payne 3 "Hit him right in the hand jive"

  54. 1728

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Spartan... under glass"

  55. 1729

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Roll out!"

  56. 1730

    Game Fails: FIFA Soccer 12 "Sorry... It looked like the ball...."

  57. 1731

    Game Fails: Saint's Row 3 "Welcome... to video game purgatory"

  58. 1732

    Game Fails: Red Dead Redemption "I'm thinking it will be fairly easy to catch that bounty"

  59. 1733

    Game Fails: Max Payne 3 "So that's what's behind door #2"

  60. 1734

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Ahh yes... the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique"

  61. 1735

    Game Fails: Skate 3 "I'm too scared to let go!"

  62. 1736

    Game Fails: Skyrim "Did a glitch just set a trap?"

  63. 1737

    Game Fails: Assassin's Creed 2 "Desynchronized"

  64. 1738

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Four! Err... Five! Nevermind..."

  65. 1739

    Game Fails: Battlefield 3 "Escape Velocity"

  66. 1740

    Game Fails: Modern Warfare 3 "To smite"

  67. 1741

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Textbook landing"

  68. 1742

    Game Fails: The Witcher "It had to be said.... Why the long face?"

  69. 1743

    Game Fails: Skate 3 "The 360 Nutcracker"

  70. 1744

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Like skipping rocks"

  71. 1745

    Game Fails: Assassin's Creed Revelations "Someone has a little captain in them"

  72. 1746

    Game Fails: Skyrim "Nice helium arrow Hawkeye"

  73. 1747

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Close only counts in horse shoes, hand grenades and tactical nukes"

  74. 1748

    Game Fails: Modern Warfare 3 "And he wasn't even impressed"

  75. 1749

    Game Fails: Max Payne 3 "Need to quit huffing the propane there buddy"

  76. 1750

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "This would make Nascar SOOOO much more interesting"

  77. 1751

    Game Fails: The Witcher "Kid... you needed to learn to sword fight a long time ago"

  78. 1752

    Game Fails: Best 5 fails of May 2012

  79. 1753

    Game Fails: Saints Row 3 "Hey... no free rides in the car I stole"

  80. 1754

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "A lethal game of catch"

  81. 1755

    Game Fails: Halo 3 "No one here but us flags..."

  82. 1756

    Game Fails: Homefront "Stop faith healing the floor and lets go!"

  83. 1757

    Game Fails: Black Ops "Curse you evil glitch gnome!"

  84. 1758

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Hey... wait... this isn't the top of the lift..."

  85. 1759

    Game Fails: LA Noire "Oh thank god! I can move again! Hey... where'd the car go?"

  86. 1760

    Game Fails: Just Cause 2 "Curse that dramatic right turn!"

  87. 1761

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Spawn point busy... please die again"

  88. 1762

    Game Fails: MLB 12 The Show "Nice! But you're in the wrong game..."

  89. 1763

    Game Fails: Max Payne 3 "All that compressed time had to go somewhere..."

  90. 1764

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "That's just poor craftmanship"

  91. 1765

    Game Fails: Forza 4 "He may have lost the race... but won the ballet"

  92. 1766

    Game Fails: GTA IV "In a single bound"

  93. 1767

    Game Fails: Battlefield 3 "Ok... who put a hole in the boat?"

  94. 1768

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Will he be out of ammo or teamates first?"

  95. 1769

    Game Fails: Skyrim "Her daddy never could keep her off the pole..."

  96. 1770

    Game Fails: Ghost Recon AW2 "Hey! Guys! You forgot me!"

  97. 1771

    Game Fails: Halo Reach "Oh... this is gonna suck"

  98. 1772

    Game Fails: GTA IV "It followed me home, can I keep it?"

  99. 1773

    Game Fails: Borderlands "Wow... kinky"

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