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    Wed, 6/15!: Ask a Libertarian w Nick Gillespie & Matt Welch!

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    Why ask a libertarian? Why now?

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    I agree with the politics, but why are libertarians smarmy prigs?

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    What do you think about fiscal conservatives who are also social conservatives?

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    What should be done about everything?

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    Why do sports teams and their need for stadiums dominate the political climate?

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    Can a libertarian work for Leviathan?

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    What's the libertarian position on abortion?

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    Gary Johnson or Ron Paul?

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    What is the libertarian stance on education?

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    Should libertarians work w/in the 2-party system?

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    Can we hunt and eat endangered animals in a libertarian society?

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    Ask a Libertarian Lightning Round!: NHL Team Names, Political Vomiting, Is It Just a Game?

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    Is there a modern example of libertarianism at its best?

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    What's a liberaltarian and how is it different than a libertarian?

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    What's the libertarian take on foreign policy?

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    Why are libertarians so susceptible to infighting?

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    How do I know I'm not just a Republican who likes smoking pot?

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    Who wrote the majority of the book?

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    What about the 'war on drugs' and libertarians?

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    What's Your Take on IP & Net Neutrality?

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    What is the libertarian take on religion?

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    Did you come to libertarianism from the left or right?

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    Who influenced you the most writing the book?

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    What are libertarian solutions to enviromental problems?

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    What about healthcare and libertarians?

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    Ask a Libertarian Lightning Round 2!: Joseph Schumpeter, Eminent Domain, Students for Liberty?

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    Is The Jacket libertarian?

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    Why is it different this time?