A Free Man - A Black Mesa Machinima (alternate Ending) [No SFM]





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Published on Sep 27, 2012

Entry for Sparkles Productions Competition 3.0 Located at: http://www.youtube.com/user/SparklesProd (2nd place)

By deciding that Gordon Freeman remains silent during his adventures, Valve also abandoned the possibility of revealing his thoughts and inner life - with good reason. It allows the player to interpret and react on a situation by himself, supporting the identification of the character. But apart from that the fact that Gordon always stays calm and unfazed may lead to the impression that he is cold-blooded, a highly professional war machine, which surely wasn't Valve's intention. So this machinima aims at showing possible feelings and thoughts of the anti-hero, although this alternative ending is not true to the original story.
The machinima is achieved WITHOUT the use of Source Filmmaker and 3D applications. I used console commands and rendered different passes of a shot with the demo editor. Everything seen here is original content of the game, no further 3D animating was done, it's basically just about compositing different things together.

Download: http://www.file-upload.net/download-6...

Music: Angelo Milli - A Good Man

Editing hints and tipps:

Walking speed:
I changed the speed of the player with cl_forwardspeed 50; cl_backspeed 50; cl_sidespeed 50 (450 is standard for all). In the end it was not neccessary for this video, because every movement was recreated with the demo smoother, using campaths

You can extract a depthmap directly from the game with r_depthoverlay 1. For further control you can change the value of r_showz_power. To my mind "2" is a good value here.

I used Greenscreen for the weapon models, so that they can be controlled independetly on a different editing layer. The greenscreenscript uses the fog of the level and overrides it. It doesn't work on some levels though.
alias "green" "green1"
alias "green1" "fog_maxdensity 100; fog_enable 1; fog_color 0 255 0; fog_end 120; fog_start 110; fog_override 1; r_drawbatchdecals 0; r_DrawBeams 0; r_drawdecals 0; r_drawstaticprops 0; r_drawskybox 0; r_drawsprites 0; r_drawparticles 0; alias green green2"
alias "green2" "r_drawbatchdecals 1; r_DrawBeams 1; r_drawstaticprops 1; r_drawdecals 1; r_drawdetailprops 1; r_drawsprites 1; r_drawparticles 1; r_drawskybox 1; fog_override 0; alias green green1"
bind "KEY" "green"

replace key with any key for this effect.

Depending on the wepaon you have, you may have to change the fog_start and fog_end values, so that the end of the weapon doesn't get cut off.
Now of course every near object (nearer than the fog_start value) will still not be tinted green, so you can't do greenscreening in small rooms, with objects and walls being very close to the camera.
By limiting the field of view you can increase the quality of this effect. The weapon will not get affected bythe following script:

alias "zoomhold" "zoomhold1"
alias "zoomhold1" "+zoom; viewmodel_fov 125; alias zoomhold zoomhold2"
alias "zoomhold2" "-zoom; viewmodel_fov 75; alias zoomhold zoomhold1"
bind "KEY" "zoomhold"

replace key with any key for this effect.

you can change the values of "viewmodel_fov" but the first value has allways have to be the second value+50

weapon bob:
You can control the weapon bob with console commands. The following values work only, when the walking speed is set to 50 (commands therefor mentioned already before)
bind "KEY" "cl_bob 0.02; cl_bob_angle_pitch_scale 5; cl_bob_angle_roll_scale 6; cl_bob_angle_yaw_scale 4; wait; cl_bob_lateral_scale 7; cl_bob_vertical_scale 15; cl_bobcycle 0.25; viewmodel_fov 60"
replace key with any key for this effect.

and resetting to standard:
bind "KEY" "viewmodel_fov -1; cl_bob 0.005; cl_bob_angle_pitch_scale 0.4; cl_bob_angle_roll_scale 0.5; cl_bob_angle_yaw_scale 0.3; wait; cl_bob_lateral_scale 0.8; cl_bob_vertical_scale 0.2; cl_bobcycle 0.45; cl_bobup 0.5"
replace key with any key for this effect.


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