Colton Haynes Interview - Arrow, Teen Wolf, bloopers & deleted Thea scenes





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Published on Jul 5, 2013

Colton Haynes interview on what it was like leaving Teen Wolf, filming his final scenes and becoming Jackson the werewolf in London, bloopers from Arrow Seasons 1 & 2, deleted scenes with Thea, the first episode of Arrow Season 2, his training regime for Arrow vs Teen Wolf, what it's like shooting romantic scenes & why Colton would like a body double! Watch more Colton Haynes interviews ► http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...

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Interviewer: Jan Gilbert
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Roy Harper
Roy William Harper, Jr., better known as simply Roy Harper, is a street-savvy teenager from the Glades. He is the son of the late Roy Harper, Sr., and an unnamed woman, the boyfriend and love interest of Thea Queen, and one of Arrow's supporters.

Season 1
In "Dodger", Roy first encountered Thea Queen when he stole her purse. He was later caught by the cops after being chased, and was taken in for questioning. When asked, he admitted to having stolen because his mother was addicted to Vertigo and they needed the money badly. Thea decided to not press charges, possibly feeling sorry for him. She later visited him to get her purse, and the two had a brief chat. In "The Huntress Returns", Thea again met with Roy outside of a coffee shop in the Glades. She promised him a job at her brother's club, Verdant, assuming he showed up for the job. However, although going through with most of it, Roy decided not to show up. This prompted Thea to come and question him. He admitted that he didn't want any charity from a rich girl, a comment which annoyed Thea greatly. As she walked off, two men approached her. However, before she could be mugged, Roy stepped in and beat the men up, accidentally getting a stab wound from one of them. Thea took Roy to the hospital, where he got stitched up and had a needle injected, the latter scaring him for an unspecified reason. Thea kissed him to distract him from the injection. At some point, Thea and Roy began an intimate relationship. In "Salvation", Thea visited Roy at his place in the Glades, which consisted of intimacy. A man visited partway through, and gave Roy a gun, much to the shock of Thea, causing her to storm out despite him trying to justify himself. She later came back to apologize, but Roy was kidnapped by Joseph Falk. He was taken to below Starling City, on to a train running on the abandoned subway. While Joseph broadcast him on Glades Betrayed, Oliver, as Arrow, intervened before he could be killed. Arrow distracted Joseph as Roy untied himself, which was just in time considering a bullet was sent at him mere seconds before he'd ducked. Joseph was shot with an arrow through the stomach. Roy later reunited with Thea at her brother's club. When she went to clean herself up, he reached into his pocket and pulled out an arrowhead.

In "Home Invasion"
In "Darkness on the Edge of Town"
In "Sacrifice", during the evacuation, he helps people who were stuck on a bus and wasn't seen after.

Season 2
He will be a series regular in Season 2.

Roy Harper information from http://arrow.wikia.com/wiki/Roy_Harper



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