Trey's Variety Hour #10: Jeremy Cowart, Jaime Ibarra, RC Concepcion...





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Published on Oct 20, 2011

A great one... best ever? You decide :)

with guests: Jeremy Cowart, Jaime Ibarra, RC Concepcion, Angela Pan, Dave Veffer, Victor Cajiao, Gordon Laing, Kelli Seeger Kim, Anna Rumiantseva, Keith Barrett, Andy Stuart, Erik von Oy, Julie Jamieson, Sherry Siebel, Jacob Lucas, Bruce White, Tobias Roybal, Gary Harris, Jim Davis, James Brandon, Tom Samacicio, Matthew Wilkinson, Almushfi Saputra, Masis Usenmez

Thanks for the transcript below from Dave Veffer !

0:00:00 Intro by Trey

0:01:01 We meet blogger and photographer +Gordon Laing from New Zealand

0:02:34 Trey introduces entertainment/celebrity photographer +Jeremy Cowart with his dog and his kids.

0:03:30 Content developer and photographer +RC Concepcion introduces himself.

0:04:55 Trey introduces Mac and photography podcaster +Victor Cajiao.

0:06:27 Macro photographer and Mom +Kelli Seeger Kim introduces herself.

0:07:20 We say hi to photographer +Angela Pan.

0:08:20 We meet +Anna Rumiantseva who has been serious about photographer for about 1 year.

0:09:52 Trey introduces musician and photographer +Jaime Ibarra (Pronounced "Hi May").

0:12:36 Trey and Jeremy discuss the power of the HDR acronym and photography in general. RC jumps in as well.

0:21:20 Trey shows us his box.

0:22:10 Gordon talks about camera rumors (we now know the Canon 1D X was announced).

0:23:29 +Keith Barrett talks about his point and shoot and upgraded studio.

0:24:20 The gang talks about Nikon vs Canon.

0:25:39 Gordon talks about polarizing filters and how they can eliminate reflections, cut through haze and give a greater saturated image. Shows us and talks about some photos.

0:33:20 Angela shows a photo taken with a polarizer and HDR.

0:34:40 Gordon talks about more technical tips regarding polarizers.

0:36:10 Kelli discusses her use of polarizers and macro in general.

0:39:05 Anna talks about some of her macro work. She shows off some of her photos.

0:46:39 RC talks photographer/photography philosophy.

0:49:44 Trey gives his thoughts on new photographers and the group continues discussing photography in general.

0:54:40 Kelli shows us a photo and everyone chats about sharing photography and just being creative.

0:58:30 Jaime shares his screen, shows us a bunch of his work and discusses his process.

1:07:06 RC and company talk about photographer's bedside manner and how important it is in portrait photography.

1:11:00 Trey and Jaime discuss Jaime's technique and post processing style. Jaime tells us about how he has a condition where he hears colors.

1:15:10 Jeremy talks about his charity event Help Portrait where photographers around the country take portraits for people in need. RC tells us about his involvement.

1:25:04 RC shares some of his photos and tells us the stories behind them. Jaime shows us a lolcat shot in between images.

1:40:20 Trey shows a bunch of his unreleased photos and discusses them.

1:50:30 Victor's turn to show us some of his stuff.

1:55:20 I +Dave Veffer give an additional polarizer tip and show a before, middle, and after photo.

1:58:00 We talk about making home movies of the kids.

1:59:00 Angela shows one more photo of hers.

2:01:25 The gang talks about what they listen to when they want to pass the time...mostly audiobooks.

2:03:35 RC shows his favorite portrait of Trey.

2:04:35 Jeremy gives screen sharing one more try...and fail. Get Chrome Jeremy ;)

2:06:33 We meet +Andy Stuart from Scotland.

2:07:20 Trey tells us a Ukraine story.

2:09:40 Jaime shows us a couple more photos. The group talks more about the Ukraine.

2:15:19 RC tells us about his kickboxing past.

2:16:50 Wrap up.


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