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Published on Nov 9, 2011

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0:00-3:00 Welcome everyone, we're live today with Dan Gould, co-founder of Chill.
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8:30-9:00 You're a product guy at the core, yes?
9:00-10:30 Let's talk about Chill. What's it about?
10:30-12:00 What was the inspiration for the product?
12:00-12:30 Was Namesake supposed to be a more high-end Twitter?
14:30-15:30 What was the one single thing that made Facebook so successful?
15:30-17:30 So what did you observe at Namesake three months in?
17:30-18:30 What was the good thing you learned from Namesake's moderate success?
18:30-20:30 Tyler: I think it's the same reason the movie theatres do as well as they do when people could just be watching the movie at home.
20:30-23:00 How do you get a deal with Snoop Dogg?
24:00-25:15 Dan: LA right now is all about technology meeting entertainment.
25:15-28:30 Thank you to Scott Walker Corporate Law for sponsoring the show. Everyone tweet a thank you to @ScottEdWalker!
30:00-35:00 Tell us about Newroo.
36:30-38:00 Isn't Flipboard having the same issues with fair use right now?
38:00-41:30 Dan tells the tale of how he made the deal with Fox when they acquired Newroo.
41:30-44:00 Do you have any regrets about the sale?
47:00-47:30 Question from the chat: What's your best advice to young computer science entrepreneurs?
49:45-51:00 Question from the chat: What is the best way to get initial or angel funding?
51:00-57:30 Let's play the "Guess the Fake Startup" game with Kirin Kalia.
57:30-1:04:30 We also have a Chart of the Week to take a look at: 3.5M People in the US Use AOL's Dialup Service.
1:04:30-1:07:45 Is Google still better at the long-tail products? Does Bing to anything better?
1:07:45-1:09:45 Dan: I like to look for future tech that's in a weird space that people aren't looking at and make something of it.
1:09:45-1:11:15 Jason: If you earned that nest egg, you protect it all costs. I learned that from Mark Cuban.
1:12:00-1:13:30 Question from EP Margaret Johns: What is Chill's plan for a revenue stream?
1:13:30-1:15:15 Are you on a collision course with streaming services?
1:15:15-1:18:00 What do you think of putting some sort of commerce level in Chill, like tipping the DJ?
1:19:00-1:22:00 Thank you for joining us today, Dan. And thank you to GoToMeeting and Walker Corporate Law for sponsoring us today!

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