Mega Man X, Ep. #09: Armored Armadillo





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Uploaded on Jan 26, 2010

Having destroyed Sting Chameleon and subsequently saving the forest, X is sent to his last Maverick hunt deep within the energy mines, where Armored Armadillo is the target. Military-built till the very last bolt, Armadillo awaits X patiently but eager to test his capabilities.

This isn't an overly difficult stage, but still a bit tricky if you don't do things carefully, I guess. The Mole Borer, which is somewhat of a sub-boss in this stage, is easily defeated with the Fire Wave, although the X-Buster proves as powerful if you shoot while doing short dashes. Getting the last Energy Sub-Tank and Heart Tank means that you will have to either destroy or avoid the Mole Borers--although do keep in mind that you don't necessarily HAVE to face either, as you can easily avoid them, especially the second Mole Borer towards the end of the stage.

PS: The Snes9x has problems recording multiple transparencies.



Batton Bone / バットンボーン
Flamingle / フラミングル
Batton M-501 / バットンM-501
Mole Borer / モルボーラー (Sub-boss)
Mettool C-15 / メットールC-15
Spiky / スパイキー
Dig Labor (AKA Degraver) / ディグレイバー
Metal Wing / メタルウィング


Armored Armadillo (Armor Armarge) / アーマー・アルマージ -Steel-Armored Warrior / 鋼鉄製の装甲戦士-


HP: 32
Ht: 6.36 ft (194 cm)
Wt: 510 lb (232 kg)
Weapon: Rolling Shield
Weakness: Electric Spark / X-Buster (w/o armor)
Other Attacks: Rolling / Ricochet Bounce; Guarding (if armored)


Modeled in the image of an armadillo and built for defensive and tactical performance, Armored Armadillo was once a Maverick Hunter with an extensive military background, literally etched to his very core. Serving as leader of the 8th Armored Unit, Armored Armadillo was highly respected for his leadership and equally commended by his superiors for his loyalty and obedience, mostly by Sigma himself. Because of his processing circuitry being built mostly for military purposes, Armored Armadillo was plagued entirely by stringency thusly making his personality rather rough and gritty.

After Sigma revolted and declared his independence and self-proclamation as leader of all Reploids, Armored Armadillo didn't hesitate in following his former commander due to his fervent loyalty. Once part of Sigma's Maverick cadre, Armored Armadillo took control of a large mine in order to produce and secure resources for weapon and ammunition development.


• Armored Armadillo's title literally translates to "Armored Bullet Soldier of Steel / アーマードブレット兵士鋼の", but the official translation is "Steel-Armored Warrior".
• Although Energy Mine Ruins / エネルギー私の遺跡 is the official and most common name of this stage, it is also known as Gallery Stage / ギャラリーステージ.


• Armored Armadillo was never infected by the virus; he simply joined Sigma out of loyalty.
• In the Mega Man X manga, Armored Armadillo is an entirely different character, behaving like a samurai and even using a sword. He is the fourth Maverick that X faces, but previous to that he had seen X during he's trip to the Mechanical Forest while searching for Sting Chameleon where he was ordered by Sigma to destroy X, but instead decided to ignore orders at the cost of a scar on his left eye, as he wanted to face X by himself. Armored Armadillo seemingly wasn't exactly loyal to Sigma, as he had implanted on him a device that would cause Armadillo to explode upon betrayal. Knowing this, and upon defeat by X, Armadillo committed seppuku to prevent the device from exploding. (Due note that this is a non-canon scenario.)
• In the Mega Mission carddas released by Bandai, Dr. Doppler revived Armored Armadillo. In it, he's remodeled and renamed Armor Armarge HL, where the 'HL' stands for "hyper limited". His design is revamped wholly, showing a much more aggressive exterior, sporting a bulkier armor with seemingly upgraded weaponry, and given completely different colors. (Due note that this is a non-canon scenario.)
• The Batton M-501, otherwise known as the Bubble Bat from the classic series, is found in Armored Armadillo's stage, and is the only one found in the whole game.

R20 Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works
Rockman X (Manga)
Rockman X MEGA MISSION 3 Carddas (Card No. 96)
Artwork by xeracx

All Mega Man X / Rockman X material including but not limited to game, characters, images, and music are © Capcom Co., Ltd. Video gameplay done solely for entertainment purposes.


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