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Published on Jul 27, 2013

‼ WARNING ‼ This is a YAOI AMV and it may not have any graphic stuff in it, but the idea behind is still BOYxBOY relationship. The reason I put this here is because I didn't really cut the song right to put the warning before the actual video. Plus, no one ever cares about the disclaimers, anyway.

OKAY. Fafa. Hi. If you're reading this then I should be surprised. Ahaha. Really. Keep in mind it's Vik from the past, it's still July, a month, when you were constantly offline - or invisible, maybe, I don't know. XD - and I was. Well. Reading fanfictions, drawing random stuff and trying to edit. Again.
I bet you're like, 'Viik. Why is it that every time you make a yaoi AMV you dedicate it to me?' Oh, it's a lovely question, sweetheart. I don't know. Maybe because my yaoi videos are the ones I put the most effort it and normally I am satisfied with the result more than I would normally do. Or maybe it's just me fangirling. I don't know.
That's quite selfish considering you're not the biggest yaoi fan. Nor have you seen this anime - or so I assume - BUT. Hey, AMVs is the only thing I am decent at, SO LET ME MAKE YOU STUFF, OKAY?
There's another reason I dedicated this to you! You see these two characters in the video? WELL, they both remind me of Reita and Shinji. Ahaha, not relationship wise - even though they ARE rivals - but personality wise. Especially Rin - cerise haired boy - he is such a Shinji, it's ridiculous! I mean, at first I didn't really pay attention to him, fangirling over Haru - the other one. xD - all the time, but after I started reading the fanfictions I kinda got a better understanding of who they are and how they work.
And I was like, 'Hmm.. I like Rin. He is cool. He is Shinji. 8]'
By the time I finished making this video, I realized that I think I like Rin a little bit more than Haru. I mean, they both are cool AND cute - yep, I just admitted that, the world's going to end - but it just seems that unlike Haru, Rin is the type of a character who acts one way and thinks the other. Hard to explain but hopefully you get it. Eheh.
So, sorry for chatting about the characters a lot but there's another thing I am working on right now - not a video, don't worry. XD - and after it's done I am going to write a little more about YOU and... Yeah.
Sorry for being so official and non-smiley, I just like the way the neat text looks on YouTube. xD

Anywho, hope you've enjoyed this video. Looove you. ♥

First off I must warn you that the idea itself was quite random. Well, I wanted to make an AMV about these two for a while now - ever since I saw the first two episodes, to be exact - but I never got inspired enough to actually open up my Vegas and start making stuff.
I did, however, tried to make a simple video using random footage from this anime but it never seemed to be right. So I gave up. Just like I normally do.
But the fanglirl inside of me got over excited when she saw the fourth episode. That moment with Haru and Rin made me have a heart attack. I've never ever been so excited over a pairing in my life. In all honesty, SasuNaru sucks compared with this one!
It took me a while to come up with an idea - LOL, like a yaoi AMV needs one.. - but then I randomly remembered about this song, which I never really liked, aha. But the specific moment in it - the one I have used in the video, of course - was the one I enjoyed listening to over and over again. And I thought, why not use it?
I've also tried to be as unoriginal as a possibly could! Guess I succeeded... Ahaha.. That, and I know there are some mistakes in the video but I really can't be bothered with fixing it all. Plus, I couldn't even render it in 1080p because of my PC shutting down to protect itself from the overheat - damn weather! -


° Anime — Free! Iwatobi Swim CLub
° Music — Blood On The Dancefloor — Horrifically Delicious
° Sofwtare Used — Sony Vegas Pro10
° Time Spent — Approx 11 Hours.


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