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Published on Jul 1, 2013

I have a license to use Nintendo’s content in this video through the Nintendo Creators Program. This video is not sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo, but any advertising revenue from this video will be shared with Nintendo.

9 Frames away! This run is ridiculously good, I kind of didn't realize it until now. Honestly, I cannot believe I improved my old 4:58 time by 0.75 seconds, that's quite a lot considering just how insane that run was.

Anyway, yeah, 4:57 is an absolute nightmare. Somehow I'm supposed to beat this time...

This is the world record speed run fastest completion for Super Mario Bros. the original Nintendo NES video game. This was completed using a normal NES, normal controller, and my two hands. Nothing was modified, cheated, hacked, or edited.

Speedrun History:
February 26 2004, 5:11, Scott Kessler
April 23 2004, 5:10, Scott Kessler
October 9 2004, 5:07, Trevor Seguin
November 7 2004, 5:06, Trevor Seguin
September 14 2006, 5:05, Scott Kessler (5:08 by Twin Galaxies)
April 10 2007, 5:00, Andrew Gardikis
December 24 2010, 4:59, Andrew Gardikis
December 15 2011, 4:58, Andrew Gardikis (Current)

Here is an updated FAQ:
Q1: Isn't it faster to jump at the bottom of the flagpole?
A1: Recently, I was told that it DOES actually matter.... BUT it's faster to jump at the TOP of the flagpoles, yes the top! When Mario drops off of the flagpole, he accelerates quicker to the castle, thus activating the timer earlier.

Q2: You went right through the piranha plants, why didn't you die?
A2: Super Mario Bros. has many problems with hit detection, making it possible to jump through the piranha plants with accurate timing.

Q3: What exactly did you do in level 4-2? Doesn't a vine usually take you to the warp zone area?
A3: I did a glitch. By jumping backwards into any object (As seen in 4-2 - I did two of these.) Mario gets pushed to the right side of the screen. The game is tricked because Mario is normally always supposed to be in the center of the screen. Depending on Mario's position on the screen, the game decides which vine or pipe Mario is using. In 4-2, the pipe and vine are close enough for the game to be tricked. This saves time because I don't have to sit through the vine "cutscene".

If you still don't get what I mean by all this, here's my suggestion: In level 4-2, look at Mario's position when compared to the "W" in "WORLD". Now after I do these three jumps... look at Mario's position when compared to the "W" in "WORLD". Notice the change. Mario is moved forward on the screen and isn't in the direct center as he usually is. The vine and pipe warp locations confuse the game as Mario is not where he should be. After doing this glitch if you make a complete stop (Ie: speed = 0) on the pipe and go down, it will bring you to the warp zone.

Q4: You went through the firebar in level 8-4 and did not die, why?
A4: Same as piranha plants. it just works. Poor hitbox detection.

Q5: The first pipe in 8-4 you ran into the piranha plant and did not die, why?
A5: The piranha plant for some reason disappears as you approach it. Try to kill yourself on that piranha plant in the original game, you cant. It just disappears. I know it sounds like some sort of trick or something, but really the game is just crazy.

Q6: Why did you do this run?
A6: To push the game to its limits. Speedrunning is fun. I wanted to see what time is the fastest I could manage.

Q7: What did you do in the middle of level 8-4 to get up to the floating pipe.
A7: I did a walljump. What you have to do is catch Mario's foot in the 16th pixel of a block and then jump on the exact frame Mario catches his foot.

Q8: Didn't you take the wrong pipe to get to the water area in level 8-4?
A8: Going a certain distance past that pipe and then turning back tricks the game in a similar way that the game is tricked in level 4-2, pipe warp location confusion. That pipe is quicker to go down as well, very slightly.

Q9: Why didn't you fall into the gaps when you ran over them?
A9: You can run over the gaps, I think it's an intended feature. You can even walk over them occasionally.

Q10: How is this timed?
A10: Time starts from control of Mario and ends upon hitting the axe. SDA uses virtual dub and counts the number of frames for an accurate measurement.

Q11: Why did you slow down at the end of 8-3?
A11: If I didn't I would have gotten fireworks, adding time to my run. If you hit the flagpole with a 243, you get 3 fireworks. The way I've slowed down ensures I will hit the flagpole right when the time changes to 242.

*Note The hitboxes in this game are weird. List of things you can get hit by in certain spots and not die:
- Tops of piranha plants
- Ends of firebars
- Bowser's/Hammer Bros axes

Note2 *when mario moves downward, he takes priority over enemies*


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