KH2FM - Battle of the Keyblade Masters

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Ajoutée le 5 janv. 2008

Note: Roxas Data or the boss doesn't work in this room, and would freeze the game with all the combined AI. So stop saying it would have better if I did this/that/whatever and stop complaining.


For the first hacked fight of the new year, I give you the ultimate keyblade master showdown. All the keyblade masters versus Terra. There are some things about this fight that are weird and glitchy, but there's nothing I can really do about it. So if you don't like it, by all means, make the video yourself instead of complaining.

Anyway, first problem. Riku doesn't have a voice. Going to TWTNW first doesn't solve it. Problem #2, Roxas in general. He has an invisible HP bar like Sora's and can die if he gets hit too much, and there's no way to heal him. I tried infinite HP, but that doesn't work either. So I had to toss in 120 HP with massive defense. Otherwise the fight would end, unless I keep Roxas the hell away from Terra..which is no fun.

The other problem with Roxas is that he doesn't have his own AI, you have to control him. That might sound weird, but well, it is. He will mimic everything you do that he is able to do, but only one of you can attack at a time, and it's rather tricky to get Roxas to attack, so most of the time he just moves around. The trick to controlling him is to do something like a one hit attack, and then make Roxas jump + glide and while you walk, he'll glide. So if he gets too far away that'll get them together. Again, Roxas has Sora's voice and says random shit half the time. That can't really be fixed either, tried going to TWTNW, same thing as Riku. Just doesn't seem to work with this kind of mod.

Next problem, command menu gets screwed up. Magic and Drive are unselectable, and you can't seem to tab over to the other menu. And to top it off, targetting is broken (probably because Roxas targets Terra after you do, which turns it off). So that makes trying to Guard Terra's attacks and keep the camrea on him a pain in the ass. So yea, these probably aren't fixable, so don't complain about them. But other than that, the video came out pretty good. The music is obviously from KH2FM, A Battle to the Death.

Also, Syoudous figured out how to get the save point mod working. It seems you have to tap the joker while entering the world. If you hold it, it does that weird camera angle. For some reason even this doesn't always work for me, but it works most of the time now. So now I can get up to 6 of the same enemy. I tried stuff like Cloud x3 vs Sephiroth x3, but that freezes due to his Fire Pillars. I tried a few other things, and the game just like to freeze easily with 6 of anything except for 6 of SOME org members and Terra, so don't expect much to come out of it. For the people who are having trouble getting the skateboard to work, I don't know why that wouldn't work. Just keep trying is all I can say.

Oh, and the final clip at the end shows a little of how the controlling with the two of them goes. Oh yea, and you have to unequip Dodge Roll and Quick Run too so you don't T-stance Roxas, since Roxas doesn't support those Growth abilities.


Note: Don't ask me for codes. Go to and find them, I don't have time to tutor people on how to use codes or what is what etc.

Note 2: Don't request hacked fights. I probably won't do it. I get far too many requests now.

Note 3: If you didn't read these and got insulted by another member or myself, it's your fault. Learn to read video descriptions before asking or trying to state your stupid comments.


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