• Top 25 Success Tips for Corporate Leaders

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    Top 25 Tips for Corporate Success:

    1. You either win or learn; you never fail
    2. Adversity is a truly great catalyst
    3. Leaders never worry about who gets credit
    4. Top achievers love feedback and learning
    5. Creativity and fear cannot co-exist
    6. Efforts do not instantly convert into rewards. Sometimes, benefits come in years later
    7. Wise people always communicate well
    8. Good orators are fantastic listeners!
    9. True leaders always enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy the most
    10. True leaders create positive environments
    11. One must replace ego with learning
    12. Great thinkers embrace fear and conquer it
    13. Average people agree; champions question
    14. One must forgive but never forget
    15. Top performers do not waste time in impressing others
    16. World-class leaders can adapt and change
    17. Dreams are good; delusions aren't
    18. Mistakes are assets; they impart learning
    19. Great leaders seek solitude and advice
    20. True champions quickly spot opportunities
    21. True leaders reprimand in private; appreciate in public
    22. Great leaders motivate through positive emotion
    23. Champions simplify; amateurs complicate
    24. Champions respond; amateurs react
    25. Champions have a great sense of humor! :-)

    *Based on the bestseller "177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class" and some of my own ideas. Buy the book from Amazon: https://urlzs.com/xb7RB

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