• Zanezeroqwe Official Trailer

    2,337 views 3 years ago
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    -Exactly 1 year(365 days) since my last trailer, here's a new updated one, what do you guys think? I may re upload it with changes as I begin playing new games.
    This is my new official channel trailer.
    Games I play:
    -Osu (if the song is not copyrighted)

    I do play others but those are the main ones. Also, I will be doing many tutorials on video editing, audio editing, image editing, and more. If you want something specific please comment below :)
    -I own rights to use all the audio in this video commercially. If you have any concerns, feel free to send me an email, zanezeroqwe@gmail.com.
    -If you feel that something in this video infringes your rights, please email zanezeroqwe@gmail.com and explain exactly what it is, in most cases this video will be removed immediately, if your complaint is valid. You may need to provide proof of your identity.
    -This video is intended for educational purposes, as it is a trailer showing what I do on my channel, etc. If you want more explanation as to why I am classifying it in this category, please email zanezeroqwe@gmail.com
    Zanezeroqwe Zane Zeroqwe Zroqwe Zanezroqwe official
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