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    RE ACTION - Zamzam Project Theme song

    Lyrics - Emma Louise Edwards
    Performed by – Kim Lone
    Concept & Design – Zam Faiz
    Featuring – William Cooper (Behold a Pale Horse)

    I been sent on ma own lil mission
    Ma plan yeah I blowin up the system
    Muslim, Christian stop and listen
    hold up and try to in vision
    A world without guns
    a world without violence
    Government got yu blinded
    they got yu silenced
    Political critical so so cynical
    To top it all of oh so trivial

    Chorus x2
    We gotta stop this chain reaction
    We gotta stop it before it happens
    We gotta beat the system
    We’re the only ones that can make a difference

    Yur sat in front the television set
    Emmerdale Corrie whateva’s on next
    They jus want yu to think less
    Whateva is easiest
    To make sure yur passive not active
    can yu imagine it could
    Be quite tragic

    Wen yu start to ask all sorts of questions
    Then yu realize yu gotta life sentence
    So yu start to explore expand yur mind
    Then they worry about wot yu gonna find
    So they use religion as there disguise
    Look snap and yur hypnotized
    Making yu jump to the wrong conclusion
    Confusion (laugh) yur part of the illusion
    I speak out so I’m a nuisance
    But I do it for ma own amusement

    Chorus x2

    (We in a war a battle with ourselves
    Don’t freak out cos were here to help
    Help ya to find a way
    2moro or even today x2

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