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    Free Search Engine Optimization Tips from San Francisco Based SEO Consultant, Tony Eason - What is SEO? Optimizing Website Architecture, Web Design, Keyword Research,Social Media. - http://ynottony.com/ynot/seo-consultant/
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  • Yoga Teacher, Tony Eason | San Francisco Play all

    Iyengar Yoga Institute Graduate, Yoga Teacher, Tony Eason live in the San Francisco Bay Area. He teaches yoga classes; seminars; and substitute teaches at: Yoga Tree, Crunch Fitness, and Active Sports Club, Oakland.

    Cyclist, marathon runners, beginners, seasoned yoga students, coach potatoes & everyone else are encouraged to attend his yoga classes.

    Private Lessons & Corporate Classes are available. - http://ynottony.com/ynot/yoga-classes/yoga-teacher-2/
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  • Catering & Party Planning Play all

    A Catered Party with San Francisco Event Manager, Tony Eason | http://ynottony.com/ynot/catering/
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  • AIDS/Lifecycle | San Francisco's AIDS Ride to support the S.F. AIDS Foundation. Play all

    At the age of 32, a friend suggested, "sit in the nude & stare into a mirror." So, I did. And after staring (for 10 minutes) at my face, arms, stomach, eyes, feet and legs, I realized the mirror reflection did not match up with the words pouring out of my mouth.

    I decided I needed something "to tell the grandchildren" [smile] ... So, I put down the cocaine; stopped hanging out at "The Endup"; quit drowning in vanity; and became a positive addition to humanity by participating in California AIDS Ride #2 in support of the efforts of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

    Now 20 years later, I am very "proud" of my personal life changes. From a cocaine addict to a road #cyclist to a #yoga teacher to a #marathon runner. It all began with that first 545 mile, 7 day #bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. One step at a time .. .and one hell of a journey.

    Therefore, in June 2015, for my 18th Year, I will participate in an event to benefit the S.F. AIDS Foundation called AIDSLifeCycle. Each year, I must raise a $3,000.00 minimum to participate.

    I know:

    1. It takes a Village to Raise a Child,
    2. You Get in Life what You have the Courage to Ask For.
    3. The Best Way to Teach is by example.

    And as I prepare & train for my 18th Journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles, I know I'm doing the right thing.
    Can you help?

    AIDS/Lifecycle 2015 | Sponsor Online: http://www.tofighthiv.org/goto/tonyeason
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  • San Francisco Marathon Training Play all

    After 1 year of marathon training, at the age of 50, San Francisco
    Yoga Teacher, Tony Eason becomes part of the 1% of 1% of the U.S. Population that runs a full 26.2 mile marathon by completing the WinPro San Francisco Marathon.

    #SFM2012 - http://ynottony.com/ynot/san-francisco-marathon/
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  • Marine Corps Marathon | "The People's Marathon" Play all

    San Francisco Yoga Teacher, Tony Eason participates in the the Marine Corps Marathon 2014 in Washington D.C. "The People's Marathon." A most Brutal yet EPIC experience indeed!
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  • Oprah Winfrey Show | Engo & Eason Play all

    AIDS activist, Suzanne Africa Engo pledged to run to Oprah Winfrey. Suzanne ran 62 days from United Nations,New York, NY to Harpo Studios in Chicago, Illinois in the hopes of joining forces with the Oprah Winfrey Show in the fight against the AIDS Pandemic. And in route to Harpo Studios, Suzanne Engo meets Tony Eason.

    #oprah #aids #africa #engo #speakouthiv #fightaids #hiv

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  • Tour De Fat | New Belgium Brewing Company Play all

    Approximately 7 years ago, I mailed AIDS/Lifecycle sponsorship packets to the New Belgium Brewery Company, Anchor Brewing, and SpeakEasy Ales & Lagers (to name a few).

    Weeks later, I concluded the companies must be "way to busy" to assist a cyclist with raising $3,000.00 for a cycling charity event. And therefore, I continued with my yoga training, bake sales, flower sales, cycling, and general fundraising.

    Yet 72 hours before departing on my annual 575 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, I received an email from New Belgium Brewing Company of Fort Collins, Colorado.

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  • Cooking Recipes Play all

    Ynot learn to cook with Tony Eason [just having some fun]
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  • Marathons | Run Baby Run Play all

    Endurance Road Cyclist & Marathon Runner, Tony Eason believes it's important to empower each and every individual to become the best they can be .... Therefore, being a natural cheerleader, he sends "tough love" videos to friends & individuals who wish to complete a marathon or attempt to turn the "Impossible into the I'm Possible" .....

    Note to YouTube Viewers:
    Leave a comment on your present endeavor and you too can have your own "tough love" video. ..
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