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Peter Goodman

  • Really enjoyed this video, dramatic footage.

    Union Pacific 844 Charges to California

    • by SteamUP
    • 5 years ago
    UP steam engine 844 launches The Western Heritage Tour Union Pacific Railroads rolling goodwill ambassador historic steam locomotive No. 844 The Western Heritage Tour will cover four states in 32 ...
  • Thanks for this video. I didn't realise there was still one of these large engines still in working condition. As a boy I went to the Metropolitan Water Board pumping station at Lea Bridge with my father (who worked there) . The engine was called the Musgrave if I remember and it was in a large building just like this one. He walked me round the walkways and it was just an amazing experience being so close to all those large moving parts.

    The Biggest Operating Triple Steam Engine At Kempton

    There are three videos in my series about large working steam engines: 'The Fabulous Crofton Steam Engine (1812)' , 'The Biggest Rotative Beam Engin...
  • What an excellent film and good quality considering it's 8mm(?) origin. My 8mm films were never that good! Terrible shame that this line was closed, but by all accounts there were very few users so closure was probably inevitable. You can't run a railway without users, but it's still a shame. I always walk along part of it whenever I can get to that part of the country and it would have been a good ride through great scenery. Thanks for putting it on.


    • by nymr1
    • 3 years ago

    This film was made by railway enthusiast and filmmaker Frank Dean. Frank trained as an engineer during the Second World War, using his welding ...
  • Good shots, great locations and steady camerawork. Keep up the good work.

    East Lancs Railway Winter Steam Weekend 22/23 Jan 2011.

    This is my footage of the Winter Steam Weekend held by The East Lancashire Railway over the weekend 22nd & 23rd of January 2011.

    Saturday Footage
    0:05 LMS 44871 is seen passing Townsend Fold wi...
  • What an interesting lecture and what a shame it comes to an abrupt end when; apparently, Simon Schama has more to say. Is the rest of it available elsewhere?

    Making Room for Conscience

    This item is part of the Alumni Weekend 2007 collection of the Alumni Office. To view more media from the Alumni Office, please visit the Alumni Office video page.

    The Abolition of the Slave Tra...
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