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  • Jon Anderson May 12 1996 (6) Longwalker Speaks (no Music)

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    I recorded this video at the Mother's Day show Jon put together for the fans back in 1996, shortly after the KTA session in SLO. The show was wonderful. Can't say the same about the video, but it's free. I've seen my video sold at record shows. Shame on them. YES FANS are the greatest!

    1. I'll Find My Way Home
    2. Wonderous Stories
    3. Children Of Light (Rivers Flow) eventually on KTA
    4. Time And A Word
    5. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
    6. Longwalker Speaks (no music)
    7. Change We Must
    8. Rivers Flow
    9. One More Time
    10. And You And I
    11. State Of Independence (intro only) [I have audio for this track and the last tune, I've Seen All Good People, but the video was...] Moins
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  • Jon Anderson's Mother's Day Show 1996 Tout regarder

    Jon plays a dozen songs at the Martin Brother's Winery Amphitheater in Paso Robles, California, just outside of San Luis Obispo.
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