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My Little Rock Band

"My Little Rock Band" Trailer

15,057 views 11 months ago
Start a band. Rock Equestria.

This is a finalized version of the trailer I made for my Rock Band stage demo at EQLA 2013. Thanks LyokoFreaks69, Linos Melendi, and TrotPilgrim for letting me use their charts in my presentation.

I made this trailer as practice for film post-production and digital media design, with the goal of making as professional-looking a trailer as possible. This is a parody trailer for an imaginary game; "My Little Rock Band", as a formal title/group, does not actually exist. However, it IS possible to mod the game with over 150 songs worth of pony and brony music, all charted by various song authors. See the How-To Pony Customs section below.

--== ABOUT ==--

The visual aesthetic for this trailer was primarily inspired by the Guitar Hero 5 trailer, which can be seen here:
Said trailer was what I considered to be my "keystone", as it did a good job of expressing both features and gameplay in a single video, with a certain degree of visual pizazz.
Also inspired by the Rock Band 3 E3 Trailer, which can be seen here:

Programs used for video:

Adobe Photoshop CS6 (for symbol and asset creation)
Adobe After Effects CS6 (for 3D animation and advanced titling)
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (for editing the final cut)

Most custom songs were composed with REAPER, compiled using MAGMA, and imported into the game using a paid Xbox Live Indie Games App Hub account, then recorded via RBN2 Audition Mode with CPU players enabled.

Additional custom songs sourced from Linos Melendi, LyokoFreaks69, and TrotPilgrim.

Most footage was captured in 720p using a Hauppauge HD-PVR connected to an Xbox 360.

Additional footage sourced from Linos Melendi and LyokoFreaks69.


If you're curious about how to get brony music into Rock Band 3 for Xbox 360, follow this guide:
The process is actually quite easy, and all you really need is a flash drive (or two) and a physical copy of Rock Band 3. It's also not illegal, and won't get you banned from Xbox Live or your console bricked. =)

Sorry, no support for PS3 or Wii.

For more pony-related customs, check out the channels of my fellow Rock Band 3 brony song authors: (Pony Rock Project)

Between the four of us, there are already over 100 brony songs for Rock Band 3! For a complete list of downloads, check out this comprehensive spreadsheet of every brony song for Rock Band 3 that I constantly keep updated:

And check out their threads on the ScoreHero forums:
http://rockband.scorehero.c... Show less
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