• Roy Clark Buck Trent Dueling Banjos - Duration: 4:04.

    • 1 year ago
    Two great banjo players wearing it out on Dueling Banjos from HH Season 6 Episode 20, Jan 25, 1975

    Roy and/or Buck:

    If you happen to see this while surfing the net, please know that we all have t...
  • Cheech Y Chong - Bloat On - Duration: 5:00.

    • 2 years ago
    I noticed this still isn't on you tube. So here it is.
  • Sultans of Swing - 1991 Bill Wilson's Rendition - Duration: 6:38.

    • 5 years ago
    Although he was not given co-writers credits on the song, Columbia recording artist Bill Wilson is said to have written many of the lyrics to the song while he and Knopfler were both studio musicia...
  • They most certainly can. You clearly know nothing about fish.

    Varmint Shooting - Taking out a Rabbit with an air powered shotgun. - Duration: 1:55.

    • 5 years ago
    Keith demonstrates the Gamo Viper Express Air Shotgun on a paper plate, then a cute rabbit.
  • Replying to myself, but as it turned out, the Marauder .25 became the rifle of my budget and it's amazing! Had it for a few weeks now. I have yet to hit a ground squirrel at the ranges you were getting, but I'm working on it. Using a Crosman 4-16x scope, I'm seeing drop of well over 5 mil dots at slightly over 100 yards with a bit of down angle, shooting 24.6 gr pellets. Since the scope only has 5 mil dots up and down, it's going to take some Kentucky windage, all right :)

    Prairie Dogs, Jim Chapman and the Benjamin Marauder .25 - Duration: 9:27.

    • 4 years ago
    Benjamin Prostaffer Jim Chapman takes the Marauder .25 to West Kansas.
  • But of course, you're right. I was a kid when that video was made in '73, and there was only one really fat kind in my school, and two fairly chubby ones. Typical for the time.

    Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water HD 1973 (Live in USA) - Duration: 4:47.

    • 5 years ago
    New York, May 1973 Key-Jon Lord,
    Ds -Ian Paice,
    G -Ritchie Blackmore,
    Vo -Ian Gillan,
    B -Roger Glover
  • That was really sweet! As a fan of both organ music and shamisen, it was crazy cool to hear this performed on shamisen! Thank you!

    Toccata and Fugue in D minor on Tsugaru Shamisen j.s. Bach - Duration: 2:17.

    • 7 years ago
    Kevin Kmetz an American Shamisen master and original member of the J.S. Bach Experience (A Rock Tribute to Bach) plays one of his all time favorites Toccata and fugue in d minor
  • Great stuff! I've been trying to locate Monster of Shamisen version of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly to show to my kids but it doesn't seem to be turning up here on YouTube, I wonder if you have a link?

    Years ago, I used to often see a Tsugarur shamisen player busking in Kawasaki Station (mid-late 1990s), this really brings back memories, thank you! :)

    Irish traditional tunes played on Tsugaru Shamisen - Duration: 3:16.

    • 7 years ago
    Monsters of Shamisen with Mike Penny, Masahiro Nitta, Kevin Kmetz a remarkable group that is taking japanese Tsugaru Shamisen into a new direction. This time they perform Irish music on shamisen.
  • Thanks for this very thorough review! The Trail NP .22 (as well as the Trail NP XL .25) are on my shortlist for upgrading from a Daisy 880. I've gotten rid of the close ground squirrels and am now looking at shots in the 40-60 yard range. The Daisy ain't cuttin' it.

    Would you say the Trail NP is accurate enough for that range? How about the NP XL? It will be my first springer, in any case.

    Would lave to have a Marauder .25, but that's probably not in the budget.


    Benjamin Trail NP .22 Accuracy Review - Duration: 8:59.

    • 2 years ago
    The CROSMAN 15% off COUPON is still active. See below for details.

    If you are one of the 100's of guys who have been hounding me for a year to review this gun, you had darn well thumbs-up this vi...
  • I'm considering getting a B50, the price is hard to beat, but one concern I have around going PCP is filling them. The scuba tank route is out of my budget; are you using a hand pump with yours? If so, which one? How hard is it to fill/how many pumps does it take to fill it.

    Also considering the XS46U with gas spring conversion, everyone says it's a real tack driver, althoug it's a very heavy one (almost 9 pounds without a scope!).

    Thanks for any advice!

    Bam XS-B50 / XS-B51 .177 ((20 fpe)) - Duration: 0:59.

    • 6 years ago
    I had this rifle for awhile...but never really shot it. Basically gives 33 shots at 940 fps average with 10.3 JSB heavies..less spring better seals helps. It has a Tasco 2.5-10 mil-dot and rings....
  • You don't own a rifle, or even know how to use one, and everyone here knows it.

    Hunting Iguana with a Gamo Whisper Air Rifle - Duration: 3:07.

    • 4 years ago
    http://is.gd/itq6z - CLICK HERE For More Information ---

    Hunting Iguana with a Gamo Whisper Air Rifle --- You'll be ready to hunt small and medium-sized game and vermin with the Gam...
  • Whether it's illegal or not may depend on the state. In my state, taking mourning or whitewing doves, or other migratory species, with a pellet gun is illegal. Do check your local laws before taking any game. You don't want to find out the hard way, through a run-in with a fish and wildlife officer.

    Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT - Dove Clean Shot - Duration: 0:23.

    • 2 years ago
    40 yard clean shot on a mourning dove during 2k12 season using my .22 Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT.
  • What scope are you using? The 2011 review on Pyramyd Air complains about barrel droop in the Silent Stalker Whisper IGT, but that's from 2011. Their video review, as well as Air Gun Web's video review - both from 2012 - don't mention it. Do you notice droop? If so, did you shim your scope, get a droop-compensating mount, or?

    Top 10 pellets for a Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT air rifle - Duration: 6:28.

    • 1 year ago
    This is the top ten pellets out of about 20 different pellets ( for Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT ) """" @ 20 yards """" May not be the same out come at further distance
  • Full disclosure: I'm a straight, married guy.

    That said, what they're saying is true. "Hollywood" lesbian porn (that is, the San Fernando Valley type stuff) is awful. Not sexy at all. Of course, that strain of straight porn doesn't work for me, either.

    You can find quality stuff, though. Viv Thomas, for example. VT is a guy, but he produces lesbian porn that (in my personal experience) can even turn a 100% straight woman on.

    Not all of VT's work is great, but his good stuff is _really_ good.

  • I dunno what you're looking at, but I watched the video and saw head shots. Movies might make you think that when something is shot it just falls down, but it doesn't. I control ground squirrels through shooting and trapping. A squirrel shot in the head from a range of less than a foot with a hollow-point .177 pellet, can take up to 30 seconds to die and it thrashes around. Head shots are typically fatal, but they are not instant, not even in humans.

    BENJAMIN MARAUDER .22 6-3-2012 Squirrel Hunt 4 - Duration: 2:37.

    • 2 years ago
    Benjamin Marauder .22 caliber rifle, shooting 14.3 gr., Crosman Premier Hollow points. We have planted new flowers and find them dug up the next day. The number of squirrels is very high right now.
  • What's your take on the trigger? The Trail NP .22 is on my shortlist as I prepare to upgrade from my Daisy 880 (using a Bushnell 4x32 on it) to something decent. I've hit ground squirrels out to a measured 35 yards, but it's tough at that range with this gun. A lot of people complain about the trigger and say a charliedatuna trigger is a must upgrade. What do you think? Have you tuned your Trail NP at all? Thanks!

    .22 Benjamin Trail NP Squirrel Hunting - Duration: 5:31.

    • 3 years ago
    Went after some squirrels with my new Benjamin Trail NP. Used crosman premier domed pellets. Got the gun the night before and sighted it in that morning. The camera woudn't focus on the actual sho...
  • It's funny that I'm sitting here listening to La Scalas through the speakers in my laptop, but dang, the hi-hats cut through so clearly anyway! Wow!

    I use a pair of KG-4s for my home theater, but I'm thinking about maybe getting a couple of La Scalas for the front and putting the KG-4s behind my sofa for the rear :-)

    Klipsch La Scala - Duration: 6:09.

    • 2 years ago
    Playing some vinyl in my vinyl room...
  • I used to live in a place in the SF Bay area where the power was more unreliable than it was in an "emerging economy" nation (what we used to call third-world countries) that I lived in. All of my network infrastructure was on UPS. That's probably not the answer you were looking for because it costs money, but it's the real solution. Even a small UPS can keep a router going for quite a while.

    Setup ASUS EA-N66 (Repeater Mode) Tutorial - Duration: 1:24.

    • 2 years ago
  • Yes, a Marauder costs more, but it's in a whole different league than a Gamo Silent Stalker. That's nothing against the Gamo, it's a good value, esp. with the SAT trigger, but a PCP air rifle like a Marauder is operating at a whole different level.

    Prairie Dog Control With a GAMO Air Rifle - Duration: 4:55.

    • 3 years ago
    Keith Warren and friends take his Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper .177 out on the plains of North Dakota doing some pest control for local ranchers.

  • I love your reviews, they're the best!

    I'm looking to upgrade from a Daisy 880. My primary use is ground squirrel control, and all the close ones are dead. The ones left are in the 40-60 yard range, too far to hit with the 880 (at least for me). My short list is down to the Silent Stalker IGT or Trail NP.

    Pros of the NP seem to be better scope, a little quieter, Picatinny mount, cheaper. Pros of the Gamo seem to be better trigger, great accuracy. Which would you recommend?


  • I'm also using an 880 for ground squrrel control, with Crosman Premier HP. Will take a look at those Gamo Red Fires. What kind of groups do you get with them?

    As an aside, at least in my state, a hunting license is needed for tree squirrels and doves, and there are closed seasons. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but if those are game animals in your state, it's good to make clear in videos that you're licensed and in-season. If they are non-game in your state, good to make that clear, too.

    LIVE squirrel kill daisy powerline 880 + gamo red fire - Duration: 2:45.

    • 2 years ago
    watch in HD the best hunting video of the daisy powerline 880 this was a pest conrtol kill all on live tape was a clean head shot on a squirrel with the standard 4x15 scope using a gammo red fire p...
  • Thanks so much for this video. One of my wife's customers snagged the cord of her brand new 76 with a cane while getting into the chair, and the switch broke when it hit the floor. With this video I was able to easily replace the swiitch. I would have bought the switch from you, but your website says it's out of stock and I couldn't wait and so had to go elsewhere. If it happens again, I'll be sure to check your site first, anyway :)

    Oster 76 Clipper, How to Replace 1 Speed Switch - Duration: 9:50.

    • 4 years ago
    http://www.mannys-sharpening.com Manny's Sharpening, in this video you learn how to replace the Oster 76 Toggle Switch. Please visit our website www.mannyssharpening.com for clipper parts, Mail Ord...
  • I've seen a few, in California.

  • Nice video! The Nitro Venom is on my short list for an upgrade to my Daisy 880. I've wiped out the ground squirrels that are within its effective range and need to hit squirrels in the 45+ yard range. Also shortlisted the Stoeger ATAC supressor (looks like it's more or less an X20s but with gas piston) but won't be available in .22 until late August. Does the Nitro Venom have the accuracy to hit a squirrel at that range? Are you using the stock trigger or a charliedatuna trigger?


    Squirrel Hunting with .22 Pellet Gun (Scope Cam) - Duration: 1:20.

    • 2 years ago
    Shooting squirrels with a .22 caliber air gun. Shot with Crosman Nitro Venom and JSB Exact 18 grain pellets. Scope cam mount is Seben mount that can be bought online for about $40.
  • Oh, I'd totally love to get a PCP, Nick, but even the cheapest ones are well beyond my price range :p

    One of the others on my shortlist is the Crosman Nitro Venom. Some people have some issues with it, and many people recommend getting a GTR III trigger, but overall people seem pretty happy with it and it's got to be a big step up from a Daisy 880, anyway :-) I'm kind of leaning strongly toward the Venom Nitro.

    Gamo Shadow Fox Accuracy Test 45m - Duration: 6:33.

    • 2 years ago
    Shots taken with a Gamo Shadow Fox .177 cal @ 45 meters (+/-150ft) from standing position using Gamo Pro Hunter 0.49 gram - 7.56 grain pellets. No pellet sorting was done and no rest. Scope is a Ga...
  • Looks pretty user-friendly to me, I wish it would be shipping in June (when I'm going to switch phones and carriers) rather than October.

    Granted, I'm defining "user friendly" as something friendly/helpful to an advanced user. If you mean "friendly to the computer-stupid" when you say it, well, maybe not. The learning curve of a new platform is enough to defeat a lot of those ppl. But hey, a colleague of mine has a Win 8 phone, and an Ubuntu phone couldn't _possilbly_ be worse than that POS :p

    Ubuntu for Phones Hands-On With the Nexus 4 - Duration: 5:27.

    • 2 years ago
    Incorporating things like a full-PC mode and gesture full gesture navigation, Ubuntu for Phones has piqued the interests of many. Canonical released the developer preview of Ubuntu Touch today. Tay...
  • I am totally blown away by this. Also totally can't afford it, like most of the rest of you :-) My boat, motor, trailer, and every single piece of fishing gear I own, combined, might be worth less that what one those costs LOL.

    Humminbird 360 Imaging - Duration: 0:31.

    • 3 years ago
    Humminbird 360 Imaging TV Commercial
  • Just got one of these from you, looking forward to using it on my 2-weight Redington CT with a Rio Trout LT WF2F for panfish this spring and summer.

    Crystal River 2 3/4 Inch Cahill Fly Fishing Reel CR-0001A Review by MUDD CREEK - Duration: 2:58.

    • 3 years ago
    The 2.75 Cahill fly reel is the smallest size made by Crystal River and also will work in most fly fishing situations, but this one is also ideal for a pack rod and is lightweight. To learn more vi...
  • The driving is maybe not as difficult as, say, being a race driver (but I bet the driver was a stunt driver), but you have to be really sure of three things:

    -Your math when you calculate the ramp design, vehicle weight, and target speed

    -Your speed at the end of the ramp

    -That you are going perfectly straight; go crooked and use miss the landing ramp

    Bottom line; the driving isn't the hardest in the world, but you have to be really sure you get the math and physics right or you crash.

    Guerlain Chicherit Car Backflip in Tignes - Duration: 0:20.

    • 2 years ago
    Guerlain Chicherit car backflipping in Tignes France !!!

    Video managed by Agence Media Failsworld
  • Mountain lion in the city? Happens from time to time (once year or so) in the greater San Francisco area (not right in the city, but I lived about 10 miles south of SF and there were mountain lions in the hills around there, and they would be spotted on the streets from time to time).

    Danger to people? While we aren't on there normal shopping list, they have been known to attack - and sometimes kill, adults. They are more likely to attack children,though. Google it for more info.

    Cougar attacks and kills elk - Duration: 1:08.

    • 3 years ago
    In this video you can see a cougar attack and kill an elk as it uses a sudden burst of speed and strength to smack the elk and quickly execute it. This will be moved into one of my folders for vide...
  • Yeah, I'm surprised the orchestra didn't scare off the cougar :)

    Mountain Lion Takes Down Mature 160 Class Mule Deer - Duration: 5:11.

    • 4 years ago
    I have been trying to find this segment of video for some time and finally located the DVD that it was on. Obviously, I have found it and uploaded here for everyones viewing pleasure.
  • Thanks so much for posting this, it's much easier to follow than the other video, and the HD is great! Excellent focus and choice of background, too; the fly really stands out clearly.

    Tying "Bully's Bluegill Spider" - Duration: 11:55.

    • 2 years ago
    A sinking spider pattern great for all panfish.Easy to tie.
    Materials : Sz. 12 nymph hook,,Orange/Brown thread,,lead wire,,Olive,Brown, or Black Dubbing/Chenille,,rubber legs
  • You don't know the difference between "viola" and "voila" but you're telling others to get a life?

    OK, whatever you say.

    Oh, and while I'm at it, that's "evoke," not "invoke."

    I'm going to enjoy some bourbon now. I may also listen to Buddy Holly. Tip: drink bourbon from a wide glass, not a shot glass, even if you only put a shot in it. Your olfactory senses will thank you.

    A Special Valentine's Day Gift...from Cisco! - Duration: 1:00.

    • 2 years ago
    Want to surprise that special someone? Here's an idea: http://cs.co/jlbYTvd.
    Subscribe to Cisco's YouTube channel: http://cs.co/Subscribe.
  • Yes, it is the best on YouTube. It's hard to listen to it without a tear springing to the eye. My niece is a singer, and I hope that many years hence. she'll sing it at my funeral.

    2 skuzins and a funkle sing "Crossing the Bar" - Duration: 3:02.

    • 5 years ago
    2 skuzins and a funkle (Emma, Maddie, Phil Ruth, plus Justin Yoder, cello) sing "Crossing the Bar"
  • I had chicken sashimi once. It's popular in Kagoshima, and my gf at the time was from there, her family gave us some when we went down to visit. We tried it, then cooked the rest of it up the next day. Made the best fried chicken ever! :)

    Summer Bluegill fishing - Duration: 6:34.

    • 2 years ago
    They don't eat bluegill in Japan. And whenever I mention that they're edible everyone looks at me like I'm crazy...

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