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    Hey there. Did you guys miss me? :’) I know it’s been a while since I have edited something new. But I am finally back with a new video. And I’m pretty excited to share this one with you because it’s completely different than anything I have done before. So first of all I shall give you the plot before you end up all confused.

    Deepika is a diehard romantic. She has always fantasized about true & never ending love since she was a child. But she learns the hard way that in real life such love does not exist. One heartbreak after the other makes her once soft and love filled heart turn into stone. She seeks solace in religion. She decides to avenge her broken heart so she goes on a mission to kill every past lover of hers that broke her heart. So she kills Abhishek, Ranbir, Saif, Shahrukh, Varun, Aditya, Sidharth and Ranveer. And the deed is done.

    So to be honest with you, I started this video project a really long time ago. It must be almost half a year ago that I started this. This was supposed to be a Halloween video for 2015. I was so inspired when I had started this but the video never really shaped out the way I wanted so I decided to focus on other projects. I came across this like two weeks ago and when I rewatched what I had edited so far, I felt the inspiration hit me. I had edited about one minute of this video before I got back to editing this. I left a lot like it was but I also changed SO much. For example that “Silent Film” intro has been edited so many times. You’d be surprised if you’d see the very first version of this video. You wouldn’t recognize the beginning. I just edited so many parts over & over again until I got it to look the way I wanted. And I can’t believe this video is actually 4 minutes long but I just had so much to tell. It still leaves a lot to be desired to be honest. I’m not 100% satisfied considering I haven’t really focused on the “relationships” a lot. I would have wanted to give a closer look to each relationship that ended sour but yeah. The song was limited + I was losing my patience with this video. I just needed to move on to new things. After a point it just annoyed me to edit this. Anyway I guess it comes from rewatching what you have done a million times to perfect it. I’m sure every editor knows that feeling of getting tired of seeing your own video because you have seen it so many times. I am just at a point where I can’t even judge if this is good anymore because like I said there’s so much left to be desired. So many scenarios in my head I didn’t really portray in this.

    I’m also really nervous about what you guys will think of this because it puts Deepika in a rather “bad light”. But this is just make believe, right? You guys know I love Deepika more than anything so I wouldn’t want to make her look bad ever. This is just me trying to be creative. You must admit that Deepika would be perfect in a horror movie though. :’) I’m a scaredy cat so I never watch horror movies but just look at how many amazing scenes I found of her looking all creepy & mean. She could totally pull this off. I am dying to see her as a villain more overall. She kicked butt in CC2C & Race 2. I don’t know if anyone will even read the description until the end but if you did. Did you find this creepy like did this scare you at all? :’) Just wondering if I could accomplish what I wanted to do.

    Inspired by this video that I have loved for years:

    Intro & Outro:

    Main Song:
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