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  • **** + H A C K E D - ****

    YOO YOO!
    peoplee in d' housee.
    err. ehh? :P lmaao.
    itss mhee ambaaah.
    hacccking mhee
    twinnnn x]] yaaah yoo.
    this chick right here ish
    the COOLEST ya'll!! :P
    i wuvv herrrrrr :] sooo fun
    to talk to! we both are DORKS.
    & we both love DICKS. haha x]]
    alright. x]] seriously gurrl.
    i wuvv u friggin much ;DD
    soo, don't mess wiff my twin ya'll.
    or else. imma fxck urr boyfriendss.
    lmao. x]] orr ima fuck yaaaaaaa xD
    xox -
    mhhm. lmaao

    yooo. it's me, KAT hacking M.I.D. :D
    we've been besties for quite some
    time now.&&&&&& this girl right here, never fails to make
    me smile. i could be like so depressed and then she'd just crack up jokes and then i'd laugh so hard til my head goes off. :P hahahahaha. she's like my siztahh and if ya mess with her, i'll shove sea urchins down your fuckin' throats. lol.
    well anyways, ilysfdm!
    B3STi3Z FØ' LiF3 x3
    ------------------ BTW, she's not someone you can just call
    "hot" coz she's scorchin. ;)

    there is no description of what i went through with this girl! we went through fights:[,laughter :D,and so much more.&+MYLOVEFORHER IS MAAAD BIG!ITS BIGGER THAN THE SEXY COCK OF JOE JONAS :P btwww,if you dare crackin on her,ill kick yo ass nikkuh to the effing moon!
    her vids are BEASTTTT maan!seriously,watching them are like the best seconds of what my eyes watched :D THIS GIRL IS THE TOTAL BOOMBB,you can never
    ever get up to her level!shes my #1BESTERZZZZ&+always be.
    -Alex NIKKKKUH! xD

    p.s.-my hack is mad whack,but its better than any of yours,
    which means its the best hack shes ever gotten! :]
    kaay bye now,IHEARTYOU MRIDULA :D

    MRIDULA ! (L)
    aaaaah , what can i say ?
    okay so this is gonna be a bit long :P
    uhhmm ,, SHE IS AWESOME , no one is so amazing like her ,, MY INSPIRATION !
    woww , i mean have you checked her videos :O , they're sooo .. WOW !
    and haha she cracks me up all the time :D xD , when im sad , bored , i know that i can go to her
    and she will always make me smile :D
    i love her sooo freakin damn much , even though i didnt know her that long , i know ., someday ,, were gonna be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER :D , well , we are now :D
    soo dont you dare take her away from me , shes minnee ;]
    haha ilysfdm.
    ~TINA :D xD (DemiLicious11)
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