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Z - ·ï¡÷¡ï·♥мααnєєтιαn♥·ï¡÷¡ï·

  • xochrisbreezyox commented and added to Favorites

    lol bechara gurmeet :P

    omg this was HAWT to say the least .. but so apt for GurTi hayeeee .. totally blown away sana!!! AAH!! you make me miss GurTi so much .. yet i am satisfied with ur VMs .. :) amazing stuff as always! <3

    - Gurmeet ka haal e dil -

    Fandom - Gurmeet and Drashti/ Geet hui sabse parayi
    Genre - Romance
    Song - Haal e dil (Murder 2)
    Clips courtesy - Anju, Shinus and StarOne

    Summary - The title pretty much says it all..
    First half...
  • xochrisbreezyox commented and added to Favorites

    haiiiiiiiiiiii main marjawaan sana this was too amazing <3 ahhh <3 gurti <3 miss em so so much i hope they come back with a bang soon cuz they're just too good ... i know they probably miss doin interviews and masti together too .. altho some offscreen moments caught on sbb/sbs clearly show they're ok with it all .. ahh miss em but this fulfilled my need for gurti till they appear together again! beautiful sana! <3 amazing job :)

    || GurTi || - Intezar |Piano cover| *Read Summary*

    Fandom: Gurmeet and Drashti/ Geet hui sabse parayi
    Genre: Romance/ Friendship
    Song: Falak - Intezar
    Clips Courtesy: Anju, StarOne and Shinus

    Summary: (Before anything else, put on your headphones!...
  • xochrisbreezyox commented and added to Favorites

    bloody hell you made me cry </3 waaaan :'( how heart-breaking and this song is so beautiful! amazing job jaanu! <3

    Maan Geet ●Tere Pyar Mein●

    was boredd so ermm vmm...
    basically was just making a vm acc 2 lyricss then it ended up in a story depends on da way you see it..maan tells her off she goes away dev confronts maan tht she is your...
  • xochrisbreezyox commented and added to Favorites


    To hell with the one who disliked :)

    Gurmeet wants to give Drashti his name *Headphones pls*

    • by SanaH05
    • 2 years ago
    REQUESTED by Priya Sethi. Hope you like it twinny.
    Have your headphones ON please else you wont enjoy the VM..
    Wouldnt it be awesome though? Imagine GC singing this to DD.. "I wanna give you my n...
  • xochrisbreezyox commented and added to Favorites

    OMG soooooo utterly beautiful hayeee! Maaneet surely make you feel lost :)

    Good luck with your exams Sia!

    Maaneet .♥. They make us feel Lost

    Hello Guys, Sia is busy with Exams thats why I couldnt upload new maaneet scenes. One more Week to go :/

    Was bored today, so thought of making a mix. random scenes put together nth special.
  • xochrisbreezyox commented and added to Favorites

    lmao at your comment about kanye and "i know a bar out in maarssss" rofl xD and yes thanxx for leaving his part out!

    btw u really know how to make my heart race with your vms. this was just too hot to handle .. and yay GurTi won <3

    Maan Geet - Futuristic lover *E.T*

    Gurmeet and Drashti won the BEST couple awards at Gold awards! One of the BEST moments of their lives...and of the Gurtians lives too.

    Gosh, they ROCK the screen... always have and always will. I ...
  • xochrisbreezyox commented and added to Favorites

    haha this is priceless.. love how DD was laughing and GC wasn't concentrating xD

    Geet's teardrop

    A short video from the sets of Geet on Star One. This was a particularly tough shot to take where the focus shifted from the teardrop on Maan's finger to Geet's face.
  • xochrisbreezyox replied to a comment from CuteAsh44

    lolol npp i know ,.. ur exams are gettting to ur head -.- .. how i wish they end soon so u start liking ur work again lol! and btw chummas to u for rewinding the supposed kiss.. looks berry berry hawt now :P

    ::Maan-Geet Aa Zara kareeb se::

    *peuk* *peuk* lol I've been doin tht for everything, these exams na keeling me I forgot how to mak vmz and sigs , notat all satisfied huh...

    anyway I had to make one on this sequence it was beau...
  • xochrisbreezyox commented and added to Favorites

    OMG loved this scene!!! <3

  • oyeee ashuuu this is awesome!! love all the dialogues u put in there as well! :D love it!

    ::Maan-Geet Khuda ko Dikh Raha Hoga::(Best in HD)

    I am in awe with this song since last month, its lyrics are so darn amazing and the singer adds the intensity to the song without much effort, lovee it..and VM's outcome you decide I am confused wi...
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