• [720p60] Akuma 7 Heavy Punches in 1 Stun Combo - 19 Hits 544 DMG

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    This combo utilizes a couple of tricks and uses Akuma's new tools ; his far fierce now being special cancellable and his fireball frame data being reworked.

    Crouching Rufus has a very weird reeling hurtbox animation after the far fierce, thus letting the fireball hit extremely meaty, allowing for the following far fierce to link. This loop is repeated 5 times with the use of FADC and frame perfect spacing to allow each loop to connect and for fireballs to hit on the correct frames.

    Combo isn't too difficult, the only hard part is after each FADC you must walk back an exact amount of frames to make sure that you end up getting a far fierce to do the loop again, and the timing is tricky. The last close fierce is also very tight as I want it to hit a bit at a specific timing, and I need it to be a close fierce and not a far fierce.

    It took me a while to figure out the stun ender, as I kept ending up on 945 stun no matter what I did. Luckily the cr.mp xx fireball manages to give a perfect 950 stun, so that helped.

    I've never seen anything like this, the closest I've seen is Desk doing something similar on crouching Chun Li, so I'm gonna take credit for this one, unless this combo has been discovered, then please let me know!

    This is something I tried on Rufus in Ultra Day 1, but that was before the 1.04 buffs, thus this combo wasn't possible then. I decided to revisit it and lo and behold this is what I found.

    Anyway enjoy. Goes without saying that this was all done by hand, on Xbox 360, no tool assistance.

    Transcript : j.fierce, far st fierce xx fierce fireball, far st fierce xx jab fireball - FADC - walk back a few frames; far st fierce xx fierce fireball, far st fierce xx jab fireball - FADC - walk back less frames than first FADC ; cl st.fierce xx jab fireball, cr.mp xx fierce fireball ,stun. J.fierce, cr mp, cr.mp, cr.mp xx tele xx U2. Show less
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