• "In The Back Of A Taxi" (acoustic) by Willie Wisely

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    written by Willie Wisely & Linus of Hollywood

    LYRICS »
    Last call was ringing as we all pour out into the street
    Laughing with friends we pretend like our eyes didn't meet
    Everyone scatters. We stand there alone
    Two tipsy strangers trying to make their way home
    We started the end of our night in the back of a taxi
    Could anything feel more right in the back of a taxi?

    The flicker of tail lights gives all the dizzy courage we need
    I lean into you as your body presses back in to me
    A lifetime lives in the flash of your kiss
    If the sun never rose it wouldn't be missed
    Cuz at the end of our tunnel was light in the back of a taxi
    Try to hit every red light in the back of a taxi

    Suddenly all the loneliness I've ever felt
    Becomes the breeze at my back
    I'm ready to love her
    Cuz good things always go by too fast.

    You lean up to the driver and whisper your address in his ear.
    A smile back to me makes your intentions clear.
    But as we pull up to your building there’s a guy at the door
    Something tells me I’ve seen this movie before
    As you duck down and yell up to the driver, “just floor it”
    And we peel away into the night in the back of a taxi
    He wants you to come home tonight, but you treating him callously
    But then you kiss me and wrong blurs with right
    Postponing the scrutiny of daylight
    Try to hit every red light in the back of a taxi Show less
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    kristin mooney & willie wisely are theloverthekeeper
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  • Parador (Full Album - Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition) by Willie Wisely Play all

    Parador was all about finding beauty in heartbreak. I wanted to make sure we weren't making a record that was merely an ode to our musical heroes. I wanted this one to be about the raw emotions. Afterall, I took 9 years between studio albums, so I wanted to return to the scene fully reinvented, with a new gravity.

    “With sharp words and sweet hooks PARADOR straddles the divide between classic songcraft and idiosyncratic visions… chiming guitars are skewered with troubled electronics, ballads are raw as they are tender, and every irrepressible chorus reveals a keen, dark heart.” –Joan Anderman, BOSTON GLOBE

    From the album “Parador (Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition)” a huge 23-track celebration of the original release with tons of bonus material.

    LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: http://spoti.fi/2lZxBv0
    DOWNLOAD AT BANDCAMP: http://bit.ly/2D2Enbw

    01. This Is Everything
    02. Too Quick To Love
    03. Stayin' Home Again
    04. Erase Me
    05. Altitudes
    06. Joke
    07. Through Any Window
    08. Drink Up
    09. Let Me Run Wild
    10. Who Blew Out The Sun?
    11. Parador
    12. Freestyle (Bonus Track)
    13. This Is Everything (Alternate)
    14. Too Quick To Love (Alternate)
    15. Stayin’ Home Again (Alternate)
    16. Erase Me (Alternate)
    17. Altitudes (Alternate)
    18. Joke (Alternate)
    19. Through Any Window (Live at Cream City Music, Milwaukee, WI USA, 2005)
    20. Drink Up (Alternate)
    21. Who Blew Out The Sun? (Alternate)
    22. Parador (Alternate)
    23. Freestyle (Alternate Bonus Track)
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  • She (Full Album - Deluxe Japanese Remaster Edition) by Willie Wisely Play all

    "She" is Wisely's fun and infectious exploration of romance and sexuality that completely defines a genre of power pop that was just then fully asserting itself on the world with the rise of Jellyfish, Matthew Sweet and Trip Shakespeare. With a John "Strawberry" Fields producing – a blooming would-be platinum-selling producer – “She” spills with the esprit and ingenuity of McCartney's "Ram", invoking whimsy, irony, the abstract and absolute heartbreak all at once. Not for dour-hearted listeners.

    Deluxe Remastered Bonus Track Edition, including 10 demos and a 1997 live recording at the Grammy® Showcase in Los Angeles, is available direct from the artist in CD/mp3/FLAC/Apple Lossless format at Bandcamp. » http://williewisely.bandcamp.com/album/she-deluxe-remaste... » Also available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.
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    From Ebisu to Palm Beach Gardens----mixed live footage including performances of dozens of Wisely songs!
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  • True (Full Album + Bonus Material) by Willie Wisely Play all

    The Trio reunite after almost two decades for a new album and tour dates. Whimsical and trend-ignorant as ever, this is a band that never talks down to their audience, yet also never sets out to satisfy anything but the most selfishly esoteric vision of what pop music should be. Having more in common with NRBQ than any other band, the usual set of genre labels rarely apply to the Trio.

    18 years after playing their final gig, the original Willie Wisely Trio reunite for a new album & tour dates. "True" captures the enduring chemistry of a road-warrior band, giving fans their most wild-eyed album yet. If Grandma Moses could rock'n'roll, she would've sounded like this.

    Liking what you hear? Get it direct from the artist (CD/digital/hi-rez) » http://williewisely.bandcamp.com/album/true » Also available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.
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