• DIYA //A Jariana Love Story //Season 2. Chapter 1

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    Justin:....its done...... *does this http://26.media.tumblr.com/... and walks away*

    Ariana: Justin.....please don't go *whispers*
    I love you.......Justin.....i love...you......

    *8 months later*

    Ariana's POV:
    Its been 8 months since me and Justin broke up because of what I did with Christian.....I was such bitch...I cant believe I let him do that...I miss Justin so much...I still love him..I sighed and looked down at my round belly which was caring Justin's daughter. I smiled a bit, At least I have my baby girl. I walked into the kitchen and I saw Demi making breakfast for us, I had moved in with Demi after me and Justin broke up because she was the only one who I could and trust and cared for me, she was helping me so much. it still shattered my heart into pieces thinking of Justin but I just had to force myself to stop thinking of him and I could never stop.
    "morning sleepy head, and good morning cutie" Demi said and smiled and hugged my belly.
    I just giggled and said "Good morning dems"

    Demi: How are you feeling?
    Ariana: Pretty good *smiles*
    Demi: *smiles back* okay
    Ariana: So what did you make for breakfast? *giggles*
    Demi: Pancakes with eggs and bacon because were fabulous *winks*
    Ariana: OMG *laughs*
    Demi: *puts the breakfast on the table* Well what are you waiting for? LETS EAT
    Ari&Demi : *both sit and start eating*
    Demi: So...have you been thinking of him *says it quietly*
    Ariana: Always have *sighs*
    Demi: *sighs too* Aww i'm sorry boo
    Ariana: Its ok..

    CONTINUATION of Ariana's POV:
    Me and Demi finished eating breakfast, then I changed into this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi... and did my makeup, I took a shower before I ate breakfast so yeah. I looked at myself in the mirror and then walked out my room.

    Demi: Well where are you going? *giggles*
    Ariana: I don't know, Im just gonna go out for a walk *smiles*
    Demi: Ok, be careful
    Ariana: Yes mom *giggles and walks out*

    I walked out and started walking on the sidewalk, I didn't even know where I was going but I just started walking my way to the park. I wasn't feeling good so I decided to just a take a walk and get some air...i've been stressed lately..I don't know why..maybe its because i've been thinking of Justin more. I just miss him so much, I feel like an idiot.......


    anyways yeah did you guys like it?
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