• Great White Sharks Filmed off San Onofre State Beach

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    San Onofre : Two great white sharks have been spotted off the coast of San Onofre State Beach and a local man (Chuck Patterson) catches some great video.

    Chuck Patterson, a professional "stand-up paddler" for Hobie stuck a camera to a pole and shot some incredible video earlier this week.

    One of the sharks was estimated to be about nine feet long.

    "The shark was kind of circling me and I was trying to figure out where it was because it was moving kind of quickly. I was hoping it would come closer to me and it does and then it disappeared. I was always trying to figure out where it was," Show less
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    • Great White Sharks Filmed off San Onofre State Beach - Duration: 99 seconds.

      • 8 years ago
      San Onofre : Two great white sharks have been spotted off the coast of San Onofre State Beach and a local man (Chuck Patterson) catches some great video.

      Chuck Patterson, a professional "stand-up ...
    • Ender's Game Movie Trailer - Duration: 71 seconds.

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      I uploaded this before there was a movie. A lot of fans were making fan-trailers in an effort to say "we want a movie". And it worked. I've kept my original description below as an archive.

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      There was a shallow lake near my home in Terraria and I wanted to have an underwater tube (think aquarium) but needed the lake to be much deeper to capture the effect. I ended up creating a "pump r...
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      Luke Skywalker plays a poet and stands up to anti-poets in school. Unfortunately his force powers failed him and Bill Cosby had to come to his rescue. This is from The Bill Cosby show (1970) Season...
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      Golf Channel reporter Win McMurry encounters a slip of the tongue regarding Tiger Woods bulging disc injury and says "bulging dick" instead.
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      ▌► ▌ http://whanethewhip.wikidot.com/

      New zealand earthquake 2010 7.0 video of damage. A powerful predawn earthquake struck New Zealand on Saturday, causing water mains to break and some buildings...
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      This is a publicly released podcast originally aired back when Tom Leykis was on KLSX 97.1 FreeFM.

      Tom Leykis from 97.1 FreeFM chimes in on Religion and invites listeners to call in to ask an athe...
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      ▌► ▌ http://whanethewhip.wikidot.com/

      I've put Google Insights for Search to good use to discover a search trend among Pakistanis that is at least 6 years old. These search trends offer evidence t...
    • kite surfer shark attack - Duration: 2 minutes, 19 seconds.

      • 8 years ago
      ▌► ▌ http://whanethewhip.wikidot.com/

      A school of sharks attacks and kills a kiteboard surfer 38 year old Stephen Schafer in Stuart Florida. No footage of the attack has been found yet but this ne...
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      ▌► ▌ http://whanethewhip.wikidot.com/

      This will show you how to turn off Google Customized Search using Google Chrome so that you don't have to keep disabling it every time you conduct a new searc...
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    Tom Leykis call in show.
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    Food for the brain.
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    Mind = Blown.
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