• Vipassana Meditation 10 Day Retreats Experience

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    Here is a brief description of how Vipassana meditation has changed my life. I have done 4 Vipassana meditation 10 day retreats and have benefited greatly from them. I am very grateful to SN Goenka for getting Vipassana meditation out there again after so many years.

    Enlightenment today is seen as more of a myth than an achievable reality. There are no known or publicized cases of full enlightenment in our day and thus skepticism that it is actually achievable is expected. Enlightenment is achieved over many years of continually purifying the mind until one sees the ultimate truth that we are in fact not really just an object of skin, muscle and bone but a unified mind only separated by differing opinions created by our perception which is in turn created by false beliefs.

    These false beliefs have been accumulated over many years and life times by what we perceive to be reality. Our perception is solely dependent upon our senses which are constantly and subconsciously making judgments of every sight, sound, feeling, etc. These judgments are stored into our mind and then triggered when that sound is heard again or that smell is smelt again or something is seen again, etc. This does not make it reality, it's only perception.

    This perception can be corrected by Vipassana meditation through diligent observation of one's bodily sensations. One sees the effect rejection has on sensations and how those sensations in turn negatively effect the mind. So we try accepting sensations and we notice a reduction in emotional severity and time period so one realizes that emotions can be altered by mind.

    Another important realization is that every emotion/sensation has a beginning and an end, so one learns that it is fruitless to attach oneself to something that they will inevitably lose and that their inevitable reaction to loss is misery. One will see this phenomena occur over and over again and through use of vipassana meditation their attachment will weaken over time as will their misery and suffering.

    But remember, no pain no gain. Everything worthwhile achieving requires hard work and dedication and I'm willing to bet that peace of mind and happiness is on top of most people's priority list, good luck and may you all find true peace and true happiness....

    I hope you all get inspired to do a Vipassana meditation 10 day retreat, thanks for watching. Show less
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