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    The Herbalizer Vaporizer, also know as the Herbie is designed by a couple of ex-NASA engineers.
    My technical expectations immediately go up when I hear the word NASA, although they did say ex-NASA.

    The Herbalizer was born in San Diego, USA, and their slogan is "Vape Like a Boss". The last couple of years in the vaporizer market has really been about portable vaporizers and we've witnessed the design technology get more and more slick, but the desktop market fell behind until now.

    There's been a lot of hype about the Herbalizer giving the Volcano a run for its money. It's quite the claim, but to be fair it's time that the Volcano had some stiff competition so we'll see if this is the case.

    The box, as you can see, is quite a bit bigger than the ones we are used to doing. It even has a little carrying handle here on the top, nice and comfortable, I'll show you that in a minute.

    When you open the box and see what's inside the box there is the little handle I was telling you about.

    As you can see there is some nice packaging going on. It makes me feel like I'm about to open a home appliance.
    The nice thing is that it's just really easy to open. Not a lot of fuss and muss.

    We'll just lift this up, see what's inside, and voila, the Herbalizer unit itself. I'm going to take out the other protection pad and so inside here we have a bag of goodies and I'll just remove the items one by one here.

    So, here is a quick-start guide, a little brochure about the whole, uh, unit, a warranty, and a nice congratulatory letter from the founders and, uh, makers, a little fancy sticker, and 2 extra screens, always comes in handy.

    And here inside we have the power cord and then we have 4 balloons, swe-, squeeze valve balloons. Here is a 3-foot or 91-centimeter silicone whip so dual inhalation method, that's always a bonus. Here is an essential oil blend, nice little feature, 2 little aromatherapy pads, 1 cleaning brush right over here. Here is the so-called stash box and you can put your herbs or whatever you like in the box.

    They're calling the shell color meteorize, which is basically a durable plastic with a 2-coat finish, but admittedly it makes the Herbie look kinda chic in a cool kinda way.

    The air delivery pathway is made from medical-grade materials, um, and you can take a look at the bottom here.

    Believe it or not the heating element is a Halogen lamp so it's not just any old lamp.

    Joshua Young, the CEO and founder of the Herbalizer, said that the glass on the bulb reaches 800 degrees Fahrenheit so it's important that the lamp turns on only when needed and to control the temperature accurately the Herbalizer relies in a heat sensor situated between the lamp and the safety screen somewhere in here.

    Okay, it has a 2-year warranty and word has it that the vaporizer is the one to deliver the kind of consistency and dosage and effect that medical patients have been waiting for.

    The Herbalizer is a dual-function aromatherapy and vapor therapy device. It's being called the smart vape because its heat sensor smartly detects minor changes in temperature and can make micro adjustments so you can enjoy very consistent and accurate heat that matches the air flow.

    This is the first vaporizer to maintain such precise consistent temperatures. Another thing is is that the Herbalizer has 3 separate fans including a super quiet one that's specifically made for essential oils, so it infuses the air with your favorite aroma.

    Remember this is not a portable vaporizer, so we're just gonna attach our power cord right here into the socket, the bottom side here.

    So, now you've got, we've got power and to turn the unit on all you need to do apparently is lift the lid up, like so, and here you can see the screen and you get the nice little logo going on the LCD screen, and you can hear it starting up.

    And to turn it off all you do is close the lid, super simple.

    So, to start we're going to use the herbs and so we're just gonna pull that out from the fancy little stash case here, and they've given us some nice peppermint so we'll give that a go.

    Super easy to use, it just snaps back in, just like that and now we're ready to add the balloon.

    So let's hit the fan and let it fill up, 90 seconds apparently for the whole thing to fill up. Show less
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