• Frack No ☠ Fracking = Climate Chaos = Droughts

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    Frack No : http://blog.uResist.com/201...... People's Climate March for Climate Justice
    ☠ Fracking = Climate Chaos = Droughts
    ● Fossil Fuel : A Double Irony
    ☞ With over 400,000 people flooding the streets of New York City, around Columbus Circle at West 59th Street and Central Park West, this was the largest climate march ever. The public is awake, while privilege and power are delirious with greed. There's a bit of irony, in that the industry, which is largely responsible for the contamination of the Earth's atmosphere and ultimately the destruction of life as we know it, is called the fossil fuel industry. The rate of species extinction today is the same as it was 65 million years ago, when an asteroid hit the Earth, causing the dinosaurs to become extinct, leaving behind little more than their fossils. But, as Noam Chomsky put it, "now, we are the asteroid." ❀ There is a choice. Either, we go the way of the dinosaur, or fossil fuel goes the way of the dinosaur. http://blog.uResist.com/201...... Sustainable living is not only possible, it's absolutely necessary for survival. Show less
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