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  • Nice Ummm....bending machine?!

    That's a strong blade but I really wonder if anyone is working on NEW CONCEPTS instead of Infinitely over over over engineering a prop blade.

    Did anyone consider there could be a better way than relying on SUPERSCIENCE.

    I am no expert, but the only wind turbine I have ever felt with my bare hands that genuinely supprised me with it's power was the FLAP TURBINE AKA - louver turbine.

    Do you have any tests on that one?

    Wind Turbine Test At The Wind Technology Testing Center

    • by WBUR
    • 11 months ago
    This video is courtesy of the Wind Technology Testing Center in Charlestown.
  • Lec 30 | MIT 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2002

    Malus's Law
    Brewster Angle
    Polarization by Reflection and Scattering
    Why is the sky blue? Why are sunsets red?
    The sun will set in the lecture hall!

    View the complete course at: ...
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  • STRANGE but GENIUS Caterpillar Speed Trick - Smarter Every Day 93

    Click to Tweet this craziness: Click to Post to Facebook: ⇊ Click to Expand! ⇊
    While in the Rainforest we discovered a "Caterpillar Turbo Mo...
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  • The Magic of Butterfly Scales - Part 1 - Smarter Every Day 104

    Downloading a free audio book helps me make videos:
    More info! ⇊ Click below for more links! ⇊

    If you want the photos for your desktop or phone background please stop ...
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  • Most Epic RC mid air collision crash ever captured at SCCMAS

    • by wcolby
    • 1 year ago
    This was a mid air collision and crashbetween a World Models 80" Mitsubishi Zero with a Fuji-Imvac 50 cc gas EI engine & a 450 size electric helicopter on 03/24/2013 at recorded by Walt...
  • WoW ! ! 80% higher output than input ! ! ! very impressive considering that if you gained just one tenth of one percent higher output than input you could power all human needs on earth for the rest of time.!

    So that's about 800 times better than infinite power ! ! !

    This IS big ! ! !

    I"M flying out there to buy one TODAY! ! ! !

    Magnetic Generator To Power Your Home

    A magnetic generator that provides more than enough electricity to power your home.
  • Nice video, Thank you - I am guessing that a person who made an air heater or a water heater solar panel could focus as many mirrors as possible (as long as they made the box of high heat materials like metal studs and fiberglass insulation) and get very high heat increases!

    I need to try this!

    Thanx again

    Solar Panel Mirror Booster 30% increase in power output with mirrors

    Using broken mirrors with solar panels to boost the power output of a regular PV photo voltaic DIY solar panels. Monocrystalline Solar. The Mirrors covered this panel equalling about a 2x factor to...
  • cool ! !

    I know this was not your proudest moment, therefore; Thank you very much for sharing this.

    It is so important for other people who are learning about engineering to see when things DON"T work as planned. Or when Maxed out beyond capacity.

    Really Cool stuff.

  • Ummm...wut Is it?

    BBO and AgGaS2 crystal

    BBO and AgGaS2 crystal

    Featured inquiry:
    We need the following crystals.
    1. BBO Type 1 8x5x3mm, Theta=27Deg P coating on both sides. Qty:2
    2. AgGaS2 crystal, Type1, Th...
  • Bob Vance wrote: "Couldn't you just mount a tank with the opening at the bottom. Water would never fill the tank just air."

    Absolutely right Bob! pressure tanks with diaphragms and air valves are the biggest rip off, useless creations since title insurance. Any tank, that is sound for the pressures of your system, when mounted opening down will never "spring a leak in the diaphragm" never need to be "charged" and will never fail.

    Pexsupply please try to argue this! I look forward to your reply

    Expansion Tanks (How It Works)

    Expansion Tanks on the How-It-Works series.

    Expansion tanks are critical components to your Plumbing and Hydronic Heating systems because they prevent your pumps, pipes and other components from b...
  • Great informational video, I did commercial heating and cooling for 16 years but needed a refresher update for electric residential furnaces. Your video series has been a great update course and I can now install and service my new electric furnace with confidence.

    Thank you so much for the education.


    How the electric elements on an electric furnace work Part 2

    Just a demonstration of electric elements sequencing on and off.
    This video is part of the heating and cooling series of training videos made to accompany my websites: and ww...
  • How the HP terminal board works.

    This one covers the terminal board on an electric furnace. What the terminals are used for. What terminals are used for the backup heat.
    This video is part of the heating and cooling series of tr...
  • How electric furnace sequencers work

    This is a look at the stack type sequencer used in electric furnaces and how they time the elements on and off.
    This video is part of the heating and cooling series of training videos made to acc...
  • Just saw another home made back hoe on youtube.

    Can't wait to compare your backhoe performance.

    Looks Great ! ! thanx for sharing

    The people of earth bless you all :-)

  • What about Nikola Tesla ?

    If the award was around when you were? it would have gone to Nikola Tesla.

    Ohio Chamber Annual Meeting & Legislative Reception

    From Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers to the innovators who have yet to make their mark, Ohio is home to entrepreneurs! This year, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce invites you to celebrate our ent...
  • Great design idea - the self feed stack is soooo convenient - I built one that heated two room in my house and the wood feed tube allowed for stoking only once every three to four hours.

    My design had intake air pre heating and would burn so hot that in just 24 hrs of operation it had burned through 1/4" solid stainless steel barbque grill grate.

    Keep up the great work!!

    Rocket Stove with Dual Feed for Long Burn

    This design will include a Mass Heater, a Cooker with direct flame, a Water Heater, AND a place to heat up wood that's not 100% dry
  • If this thing will PING a washer thirty feet in the air, would it be able to lift a larger object only an inch or two?

    8 Capacitor washer launcher

    New 8 Capacitor washer launcher. They are 3,700 uF at 450 volts each, in a parallel/series arrangement for a total of 7,500 uF at 900 volts. That is about 3,700 Joules of power.
  • It may burn for a long time but that does not mean it is an efficient stove.

    I noticed smoke coming off the logs that were burning - that is wasted fuel. your flue emissions should be totally clear.

    Down draft stoves are very efficient and gasification downdraft with secondary intake are even better

    Just google "downdraft stoves" and you will get some great design ideas that will beat almost any mass produced model.

    That is no doubt a CuTE stove ! !

    How To Use Antique Potbellied Wood & Coal Stove Sears Roebuck No Hot Pot 30A

    I have an old antique Sears Roebuck No Hot Pot 30A potbellied wood and coal stove. It has a built in water boiler all around the burning chamber. It is more like two large pots, one inside the othe...
  • WoW great efficiency living quarters for one.

    Would love to hear more detail on that roof/solar collector.

    Thank you all for what you do.

    Marcin & friends do more than 90% of USA population toward solving the REAL problems of this earth.

    Bravo ! !

    Microhouse Sizzle

    Building the Microhouse in 40 seconds
  • Excellent heart!

    I have two suggestions for anyone building such a project:

    1( Under the clear coragated plastic, first install a simple flat sheet of heat resistant clear plastic - this will give the effect of a double pane window for better heat retention

    2( The seal for the back flow preventers must be a tighter seal

    NOTE: keep in mind that during the night this extra air space helps to retain heat that would normally radiate out of the wall of the house! COOL ...I mean WARM !!!

    Home built passive solar air heater

    Bozeman, Montana Building and Remodeling Contractor Peter Brown describes a simple home built passive solar air heater that uses only the buoyancy of heated air for circulation.
  • cool video - Very entertaining.

    How did you attach the legs?

    Super High Gloss Table from Tree Limb Repurposing Reclaiming prepper Woodworking UV CURE RESIN

    This Super High Gloss wood table was created from a spalted tree limb that fell in our yard.
    Hurricane Debbie in 2012 caused a small F-0 tornado to take...
  • cool ! Can't wait to see progress on this.

  • I love your stuff, I am glad to see something recent ! ! :-)

    The human body is so efficient and versatile Have you considered running a test of the back hoe next to a guy with a pick and shovel to determine overall value of building a back hoe as apposed to hiring a good worker.

    (I am not questioning you, but the entire idea of having machines do people work)

    Even a big name back hoe company - if you calculate initial cost + fuel + oil + maintainance + Misc. will it come out advantageous?

  • Mud Buddy No Water Needed

    This clip was shot on the east coast by Bart Miller with the Excel Bart 911 rescue boat and a Mud Buddy vanguard Sport mud motor. As can be seen, there is very little water needed, if non at all t...
  • great engineering work ! ! thank you for sharing. Is the flywheel on the engine also a fan blowing air through the radiator? that would mean your fire provides energy through the Stirling engine for water pump and air movement. when balanced out and combined with a high efficiency down draft wood stove you could have a great heating system with no electricity need.

    EXCELENT work Keep it up - no industry R&D department is going to work on this! Only people like you will save this planet.

  • Great clean up ! Why don't I see recent videos about the farm?

    OSE Factor e Farm - 6 Year Sprint Cleaning

    Factor e Farm started from raw land and built infrastructure up over the last 6 years from ground zero. Now it was time for 6 year spring cleanup - here is what happened.
  • Story of Stuff, Full Version; How Things Work, About Stuff

    Circle Us On Google Plus @

    Story of Stuff, Full Version; How Things Work, About Stuff

    From its extraction through sale, use and ...
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  • Ha ha Ha that is funny - this means he could only produce FREE energy for two or three HUNDRED years - therefore - its cute but not practical.

    Ha ha ha - not that I think it works or anything - buy don't you think free energy for three hundred years would payback the cost of lets say a couple thousand bucks in materials?

    Evolution of Perpetual Motion, WORKING Free Energy Generator

    • by xx0ru
    • 2 years ago
    Perpetual Motion Overunity Free Energy
    Вечный Двигатель Свободная Энергия
  • Why is it that this idea is never scaled up? It always looks very similar and is always about one inch diameter coils with the same magnet - tiny tiny tiny If scale is difficult then just hook 200 of them together!! Come OOONN

    If it is so great - invest the cost of your yearly electric bill and put that money into a large enough model to power your house Vua-La - you have a device that will pay for itself in one year and keep paying you back for years to come

    Free energy generator, easy to build, 100% free design

    This free energy generating device is easy to replicate for just under 5$. I was playing around with a dyi neodymium magnet motor and felt an "electric tickle", everytime the neodymium magnet got ...
  • Your test seems very encouraging; however it would be a more accurate test of you had TWO cores on a bracket so that they attract equally and opposite on your rotor. The way it will be in a generator situation

    The way your test is set up it is causing a strong pulsating sideways pull on the shaft of the motor witch will cause great resistance. (compared to two magnets exerting equal pull on each side)

    Since your test showed nearly no resistance - maybe two would actually help :-)

    core drag test

    As we know,as a magnetic field is built up within a laminated core or ferrite core-eddie currents occur.This causes core drag on a rotor that has PM's fitted to it,and increases current draw on an ...
  • I would buy one if I could see, in real time, the charging of an I-phone, or some other average size, popular device.

    In order to "Not bore everyone" this video could be in a small clickable link on your screen. Just a small square that says "see it charge an I-phone here"

    hope to see it

    K-TOR Pocket Socket Hand Crank Generator Instructional Demo Video

    • by K-TOR
    • 2 years ago
    K-TOR Founder Ken Torino demonstrates how to use the Pocket Socket hand crank generator safely, easily, and effectively.
  • Great machine ! ! Impressive! Thank you so much for sharing.

    That would be practical for electricity if it has some auto fuel feeder, like a pellet stove or something like that.

    Are these type engines more efficient than a steam engine?

    Good Day!

    Demonstration of a wood burning Stirling engine.

    Single cylinder rhombic drive engine, atmospheric working pressure built by Malcolm Rowney.
    Stroke 150mm bore 70mm. Heater multi stainless steel tubing. Cooler multi micro bore copper tubes. Regen...
  • would it be possible to put a piece of tape on the end of the barrel so that the barrel is NOT full of water when you fire?

    I imagine you would bet a little different "Bouncing Bubbles"

    You guys are the greatest! ! !

    AK-47 Underwater at 27,450 frames per second (Part 2) - Smarter Every Day 97

    In which Destin uses an AK-47 to teach you the Physics of cavitation.
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    See TheSlo...
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