• Dean||Kate||Derek Are you Unforgiven Too?

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    So....Awhile ago I wondered what Dean (SPN) would think of Kate (TW) if he met her. So I started this. And then of course Kate went and got herself killed which really limited my scene choice. So I added a twist at the end.

    Basic idea being that the Winchesters and the Argents knew each other...as in John knew Chris and Kate's parents. The couple at the very beginning in Lawrence. And they come by to help with a family problem.
    However we all know Kate's idea of saving people is just a bit different from the Winchesters and honesty isn't her best suit.
    Kate tracks the Winchesters down and they arrive in town just about the time Derek is most wanted.
    Dean wants to help but Sam isn't that into it. He doesn't trust Kate. But Dean tells him they are there to protect Allison. So Dean ends up working with Kate Sam gets into the research and finds the trail of murders surrounding the fire.
    Dean goes to Derek for info and they all end up at the Hale house. Kate confesses her true feelings and that she's known what they were after all along. Dean has flashbacks to the fire in his own past and is not so sympathetic to her cause anymore. And so she opens fire on Dean.
    Sam tries to save Dean by driving the Impala through the front of Derek's house. Kate escapes but Dean is left to face a very unhappy Derek who doesn't see Dean as any different than Kate. But rather than killing Dean, Derek has other plans and turns back to human form leaving Dean to deal with Kate and her family.
    Kate manages to capture Derek which doesn't go over to well with Dean. Derek escapes and Dean goes after him alone - that fight resulting in him being turned and Dean becoming the one hunted by Kate.
    V.O.s in order of appearance:
    Chris Argent: Why are you back?
    Dean: Saving people. Hunting things. The family business.
    Kate: You know how every family has its secrets...
    Dean: Oh yeah, an what are we gonna tell her? She can't go into the woods because of a big scary monster? No we go with her. We protect her. And we keep our eyes peeled for our fuzzy predator friend.
    Kate: Always play by the rules.
    Dean (Jackson): What's this
    Derek: Everything you want
    Dean: The claws, the speed that it moves, could be a skin-walker...
    Kate: Shape-shifter, lycan, were-wolf...to me its just another dumb animal
    Dean: Bitch
    Kate: Its not all your fault. You got tricked by a pretty face
    Dean: Sam!!!
    Dean: I'll kill you
    Derek: Like the time you burned my family alive
    Dean: Tell you what. Its no skin-walker or black dog
    Kate: I think I can give you exactly what you want.
    Kate: So know you don't want my help
    Dean (Chris): I'm not sure who you're helping
    Dean: Hey yeah that's right! Bring it on baby!
    None of the Sam v.o.s I wanted to use would work so that's why all we get is the back of his head. Show less
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