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    Joshua Feng
    Are you bisexual?
    Please marry me. You're beautiful and hilarious. I love you. Have my babies.
    Subtle, I like that.
    Tatum Lilli
    I love you Nikki! I think you are so funny! Keep posting funny vids.
    I saw u in a movie!!!
    So, is the Audition series over now or what?
    Nikki, I'm going away to the Philippines for one month.  My boyfriend is already starting to give me the puppy dog sad face.  How long was Steve away from you for? How often did he send you those gifts? I'm thinking of doing something similar. I don't really want to send them to him but I know he'll open them right away.  Do you have any ideas or should I give them to his parents to give to him every time?
    Mister Unknown
    i would fuck her hardcore THERE I SAID IT
    ur videos are way too loud bitch... ur ad came on and almost blew my fucking ear drums
    Carlin Bethke
    too bad it didn't blow your fingers off so you couldn't type that horrendous message, bitch.
    yo nikki limo what ever happen to tipsyvlogs videos ? skyy made no new videos in over a week.
    po0sy pls
    Leyton Siew
    i like turtles
    Ashley Kitchen
    Bring back Thirsty Thursday!!!
    Star Movie
    Dear Greetings from Germany
    Robert Lane
    I now watch Tasty Tuesday like a TV show.
    christian Selberg
    Do you play any online games Nikki? :)
    Name Alsoname
    Watching your crockpot videos thought id say crock pot liner bags changed the game for me and I super suggest them. (Cause easy clean up)
    Finna Plays
    Dear Greetings from Germany ! I love your Videos, you're so cool ! Sry for my english, but well, I'm German ;)
    Dawn M Harvey
    please do a pizza made out of cauliflower on tasty tuesday!!!!!!!!!!
    Lenny Thorson
    ...izzit Tuesday yet???
    Lenny Thorson
    Are you as spastically excited about Captain America: Civil War as I am??? Also: are you Team Cap or are you Team Iron Man??? #TeamCap
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