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    Little demo of running my Sequencomat V3 lite + full version together on Ipad via a Wifi network. (It works even more fluent with an adhoc network.) Sequencomat is a Midi stepsequencer done in Max/MSP for the Lemur. Created for original Lemur it also works with new Ipad Lemur App from Liine. More about this stepsequencer: http://www.tonvibration.de/...... Or visit the Liine forum: http://liine.net/forum/view...... Weniger anzeigen
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  • Lemur tools Alle wiedergeben

    A collection of tools I have made on the Lemur for touchscreen music control. For more tools and details visit http://music-interface.com
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    Sequencomat V3 is a Midi step sequencer in max/msp for the Lemur (on iPad or Jazzmutant hardware). Watch this playlist if you want to setup and learn some of the main functions. For details see the manual: http://www.tonvibration.de/SequencomatV3.html or visit http://music-interface.com Enjoy!
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    a collection of videos I have made through the years.. find more of my music here: music
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