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  • Lots of people use words to communicate just like you did. Perhaps you have taken the first steps on a magical journey that means you won't need a dictionary consultation every time you want to use words with more than one syllable like 'relax' and 'dictionary'. That aside, I appreciate your patronizing advise but I think you missed my joke, that's probably because it's not funny. Breath and relax are in different tenses I think you meant Breathe. Ironic much?

    Diane Birch "Valentino"

    Diane Birch sing Valentino
  • Practice then you can call yourself "The Abilities"

    Slingerland Radio King drum solo 2-13-10 .wmv

    David W Robinson hard at work again.Or should i say hard at play?26''40's kick drum kicks ars!Buddy Rich played a drumset similar to this one.I have 1 more drum to it to match.Snaredrum is a vintag...
  • Social phenomena such as Hipster bashing are bit like disliking difference in the world. Why do they annoy you? Just because they are there? Fuck I hate non-conformist's JOIN US or just let me be one ......please!!!! Hitler

    How To Be A Hipster

    Follow me:

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    Introducing Noah the Hipster!

    Name of the track: Kool Kats
  • When assuming a character to assassinate make sure you don't pop yourself Double irony equals promotion, you look good in those glasses

    confessions of a hipster

    written by lauren and sabrina
    dedicated to kimia

    if you know / are a hipster, i hope you enjoy this.

    thank you to everyone who put up with me disappearing off the face of the earth for 4 mon...
  • Peacocks are so pretty because that's all they got! They are hardly going to lull a lady Peacock under the plumage with their knowledge of modern art or ironic music. A hipster does not really have plumage but expensive clothes meant to look cheap and are, in my experience, stupid but smart. Stupid in the sense that they inherently fore-go their own dignity but smart in the knowledge that image has much more pulling power than substance!!

    Every Hipster - Dating

    Swinging loose with girls cooler than yours. Every Hipster kicks it old skool and ironic.
  • Snare sounds like a chip packet being popped

    So klingt mein A-Set ... ^^

    Meine ersten Gehversuche auf meinem A-Set wo zu mir gefunden hat! ^^
  • These Rogers are not Rogers!! Just because a company buys the name does not the drum make. These are re-badged low level Yamaha drums. I have played them, they are not that bad really but not comparable to the original drums which are far superior. Your right there should be a law against this shit. Yamaha should be punished for damaging the name of a company that produced far better products then it's own and whose 50 year old drums sound better than Yamaha's top line new drums!!

  • UM....i think

    Paul should get someone else to write the synopsis for his next video, because unless they have just begun I don't know any drummers who don't know how to tune their drums or are at least on the way to knowing. Given that it's easier than taking a shit, I can only conclude that there is another thing that sets Paul apart from other drummers.............severe constipation!!

    Rogers Drums And Zildjian Cymbals: Paul Smith On Drums

    There are two things about Paul Smith of Dengue Fever that set him apart from any other drummer. First, he uses the Zildjian New Beat Hi-Hats from when they were made out of titanium. Second, he tu...

    DW Drum Tour 13-01-2009

    Hi guys,
    This is my drum set... It's a DW mini pro kit in Royal Blue onyx...


    DW mini pro set
    14" x 16" bass drum
    6" x 10" mounted tom
    9" x 13" floor tom
    5" x 12" snare

  • modelled on camco's and just as good wise choice!!! I have a 68 kit and it beats my rogers vintage and luddy hands down

  • GAY!!! If only my predicament were so cut and dry!! Why are folks reacting to the negative comments or expressing shock at all? This is Youtube comments people!!! Domain of the Pig-ignorant and the repressed teenage bubble and strifer!!! Ignore it! If these people thought they would be called on their ludicrous comments they would never make them.

    The Drums - Forever & Ever Amen

    New album 'Portamento' Released September 5th.
    Order from iTunes :
    iTunes Deluxe:

    Watch the video for the new Drums s...
  • Ask what is resonance? Because that sounds like dulled tone to me not resonance and no surprise using a bucket lid like the pinstripe for a start

    Bob Gatzen Tom Tuning Result?

    Bob Gatzen Tom Tuning method. I tuned both heads to the exact same pitch, this being the result. Use a guitar or a guitar tuner to get the...
  • Luminous beings are we......not this crude matter!! Relax!!!

    Pearl Reference Drum Solo

    Improvising and jamming on my drums.
  • Sounds pretty much like other 20 ply snares which is in my opinion terrible! All the sound is reflected and the tone lost, the cross stick sounds good though.

  • If the kit is meant to be more resonant, like a thinner shelled jazz kit, why do emperor's come standard? It is a myth that two ply heads get a warmer/deeper sound. Diplomats get the warmest sound, they can be tuned lower(because your only stretching one skin) and give the drum much more clarity at high tunings. Two plys merely dull the sound. Has pearl shares in Remo? Use one ply heads top and bottom learn to tune well in the mid-range with and your drums will be effortless to play(rebound)

    Reference Pure Solo #1

    Kris Myers of Umphrey's McGee demonstrates Pearl's Reference Pure Series. The all-new Reference Pure proudly builds upon the legacy started by the original Reference Series Drums by using the exact...
  • This was actually posted by a Tama agent!!

  • AAABBBA NO WAY For a start it's another layer of interpretation and also you may be ambidextrous but lastly and most important it's about getting your hands equal if you have trouble turning a R into an L than ok. Also while your feverishly working on your weak hand believe it or not your togetherness suffers you must play together always ALWAYS I SAY!!!!

    Bernie Dresel - Flashy Snare Drum Licks 1

    In this entertaining and informative video segment from one of his STM lessons, drumming great and Downbeat award winner Bernie Dresel discusses his approach to "Flashy" snare drum technique. Check...

    Led Zeppelin : Greatest Secret

    Robert Plant

  • I actually wrote this song and painted that picture in different past lives!! I burnt the picture to stay warm one bitterly cold winter and smashed my lute in creative frustration. Music is traditionally a hand me down thing!! This ownership stuff has deluded people into thinking that they can be original. Folk singers would say 'I got this song from so-&-so' now they don't wanna be sued. Everything under the sun has been thought of before including insightful portraits of man's follies!!!

    Coldplay-Viva la Vida

    Coldplay's "Viva la Vida" set to the paintings of Thomas Cole. This set of 5 paintings makes up Cole's The Course of Empire. I got these paintings from . ...
  • Youtube is, patently not exclusively a forum for 'new ideas'. The 'OHHH I know about that!!! let's move on' generation. Perhaps knowing something is different to just knowing about it. Capitalism has made too many surface dwellers and not enough deep sea............I want a car horn that plays john bonham triplets!!! That aside what can be new is really buckling down and finishing this essay. To know the depths life has to offer you must learn,like aquaman or a pornstar, to breath underwater.

    John Riley Drum Lesson

    Up Tempo Jazz Ride Technique
  • that was incredibly good!!! cheers!!

    Playing to Big Top by John Scofield - Recorded by me

    • by soduno
    • 4 years ago
    Here i am playing to one of John Scofield's tunes: Big Top. The Keyboard, Bass & Trombone has been recorded all by me (on the keyboard). Hope you enjoy it.
  • yesssssssss!! It's really nice to see this type of mentoring! All smiles having a great time playing amazing music!!! Though the sound quality is a shame but still well worth posting Thanks!! yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Willie Howell on drums "Black Messiah" with Jazz Chronicles

    This song is BLACK MESSIAH featuring young drummer sensation WILLIE HOWELL. He came in unrehearsed with JAZZ CHRONICLES after origional drummer Jason had to leave for a tour with LEDISI. THIS KID T...
  • Brian Blade is such an amazing drummer, he's a drum whisperer!! he doesn't beat his kit to get moving he seems to ask gently 'why don't we get along for a little while?, no-one's going to bash you here...... you're a good drum kit and I know we can be great together' People think he's crazy!!! But the sound, the motion..... incredible!!! Every time I get to watch him I feel like I have been given a great gift!!! Thanks

    Kiyoshi Kitagawa, Brian Blade, and Kenny Barron (part 1)

    Behind the scenes clip of Kiyoshi's amazing recording. Contact Kiyoshi at for advice on how to purchase.
  • He keeps a nice clip! The drums sound good and he plays loose and unimpeded by the trade mark "trying to hard", intrusiveness of many older than him. There is however, prima facie, an exploitative element to the scene as it is presented here. But anything for a buck when your busking right? And i bet if you asked him what he'd rather be doing the answer would be 'nothing' or more likely the japanese equivalent.

    Amazing 6 year old jazz

    japanese kid drummer from Osaka/Kyoto can play jazz drums like a total hero and can swap 4's like a pro.
  • cool!!! such a nice relaxed approach to the drums. A lot of dudes could learn a lot by watching someone play heavy music in a relaxed, controlled manner such as this. misogynists included!

  • what's that drum kit mr drummer?

    Mike Montalbano

    Whats up? I'm a 16 year old drummer from New Jersey. I've been looking for people to jam with that are serious and 100% in it to win it :D. I made this video to show what I've got, and what I could...
  • Star Wars - The Clone Wars - "Like You Never Seen It Before"

    The 90-minute premiere episode of the CGI animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars will have a limited release in U.S. cinemas starting August 15th.

    Not only will this be the first 3-D animated...
  • thank fuck he didn't die.....imagine the colossal fuck load of dick head, teary eyed comments from the butt fucked morons who idolize him!! Ohhhh a martyr is born!!! That being said Jesus was the greatest drummer!!! Think about it! His beats spread around the world and the beat goes on 2000 years later!! Now thats what I call drumming up interest. Society for the prevention of everything


    Former Blink 182 and current Plus 44 drummer Travis Barker is in critical condition afer a plane crash.
  • Whomever the marketing genius behind the promotion of Travis Barker as a drummer not only just worthy of title 'good drummer' but 'best drummer' should be made c.e.o of worldwide sales of everything!! Including selling sand to Arabs. As for those who swallow it, try to separate liking a particular style of music from your own pathetic lives! It does not mean the world, It ain't even that important. All you do is promote your rhythmic ignorance. Write down what he plays! It's very basic.

    The best drummers in the world 2

    A video of the best drummers in the world part 2 including: Buddy rich, and Terry bozzio
  • In my opinion the 'completely different genres' argument can only be made by those with little or no drumming experience, particularly session work. Although people can have different feels, drumming is still essentially simple maths and lots of practice, there's no great secret to get a good feel in any genre. Kollias, given a small time for his ears to adjust could patently play Barkers beats with a hand behind his back. Genres Schmonres!!!!

    Travis Barker Vs George Kollias

    this is me comparing two great drummers
    an overrated drummer
    and a death metal god of drums
    tell me which u think is better
    i hope i dont get copyrighted or anything
    i dont play drums so...
  • Talbotvanman you are an inspiration!! That's the stuff!! If only more people could learn from your words. Your drumming gold!!!

    Ajax vintage drumkit with Sabian cymbals

    Me having a little groove on a vintage Ajax drumkit, just got back into drumming after a 7 year absence so this was a nice treat!
  • Froggy!!!!! jumpin a log! Froggy!!!!! runnin from dog! Froggy!!!! selling little girls for drugs and blood diamonds in Africa! Froggy!!!!!

    crybaby frog

    • by jrmurch
    • 4 years ago
    This is a frog from our pond!
  • blag a dart? coi

    Episode 5 - Absolutely Nothing

    I was bored and lazy. This is what happened. This is quite literally just shots from vlogs that didn't happen or didn't work and other such nonsense.

    The music from this clip is from The Darts....
  • excellent thanks!!! they were from geelong right? The guitarist is great --r.i.p

    BORED! - "People Say" (official promo) Very rare video for legendary Melbourne band BORED! single "People Say" released on Dog Meat Records in 1991. I found this on an old video called THEN IS THAT, THIS WAS NOW an...
  • the snare hayman vibrasonic yes but the kit great play

    Sonor Swinger studio drums 2009

    Messing about during s studio session, getting the drum sound.
  • Mongoloid!!!!.......... Really???? It's a word, yes, but seriously do you get around in a horse drawn carriage?, bad case of the plague lately? frontal lobotomy? Just a tad last century mister time traveller

    Re: I Hate Jimmy Page

    due to popular demand...
  • thanks, By my humble reckoning there should be more videos like this! Same miking, same drummer different kits. After hearing the little kit however I don't see the purpose of the big one.

    Double Drumming

    Here is a video of me in my rehearsal room playing first on my "big" Ludwig Classic Maple kit 22, 10, 12, 14, 16 and than on my vintage 1960's Ludwig Downbeat kit 20, 12, 14.

  • If this is building a drum kit I would like to know where I can find them in the wild? I mean in their natural environs......The famous Drum forest of the congo? The Lug desert of upper Mongolia? Are they hard to catch?

    How to build a drum kit

    Here we have our video on how to build your new drum kit
  • that vintage rogers tom sound! so sweet! thanks for posting after 1968 they started using slighty different woods and i think a less dense grey paint on the inside. before 62 the lugs wwere not that flash B & B. What age is this kit? It's nice when folks post more to show how drums sound rather than playing as fast as they can. You need to hear the drums sound-out Thanks!

    Rogers Drum Recording

    Red Onyx Rogers drum recording test
  • amazing cone-shaped kick drum! and it sounds great! nice playing also, How does the sound of the kick compare to normal Kick and what size are both sides?

    Trixon - Telstar kit - in action

    Kent playing a 1965 vintage Trixon - Telstar drum great condition.
    I am playing with the Fountains of Wayne - Bright Future in Sales.
    This is a very rare Telstar kit - it came with 2 mat...
  • wow! those drums sound amazing,also it is so nice to see someone 'play' the drums as opposed to bashing them! very smooth, nice sliding ergonomic action.. you achieve a great blend of all the elements by playing like this brilliant not sloppy Some drummers take alifetime to understand this concept you got it .

    Sonor Vintage kit - 13/16/20

    What a beauty. Too bad my chops are so sloppy!
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